How to send a mass mailing to help you sell more?

Sometimes it seems like everything has already been invented, there is no way to innovate. How to send a mass mailing to help you sell more? Is it possible?


It is almost always possible to find a way.

And I just received two compelling email campaigns that I would like to share with you.

One of them sent by Click and Grow and the other one by Amazon.

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In the next two examples, we will see how to send a mass mailing campaign to help us sell more

Let’s start with the first example

1) Click and Grow Newsletter

It is an unusual product, a system which will care for a plant and make it grow, without human intervention. The only thing you have to do is to add water to it at the beginning of the process.

Okay, right?

But now let’s get down to business: How did this newsletter get to my inbox?

Well, a short and particular subject, showing the previous price and the current one, offering a significant discount.

The email body is also not very extensive, it is a newsletter that can be just scanned:

como enviar correos masivos

Again the discount, a title, a paragraph, a button and / call to action.

Nothing new here.

The interesting comes later when clicking the button, we are directed to a landing page, well, it is better to see this image:

como enviar correos masivos

To access the discount, we have to fill in:

– Our email (at first glance it  looks strange, but keep in mind that they could be  receiving visitors from various sources of traffic)

– A friend’s email

– The email of another friend

– The email of yet another friend

And they warn that they will send a confirmation email to these accounts, to verify that they are real emails.

A viral marketing or growth hacking technique, whatever you want to call it, these days there are so many buzzwords!

The case is that for every buyer interested in the promotion, the company will have three potential new customers!

This campaign has good profitability, don’t you think so?

When signing up for the offer, the user will probably think of some friends who could also be interested in the same product.

When sending this newsletter, it may be necessary to work on the landing page design, but I think it’s worth it.

It’s so much more practical than just sending a discount coupon because in this case, they could only get one sale. With this landing page, in addition to possibly selling the product, they could get other leads, thus increasing the number of potential customers.

The company can also again offer the discount to these contacts exponentially!

Let’s continue with our second example of how to send a mass mailing to help us sell more:

2) Amazon Newsletter

Amazon is an expert in email marketing.

Surely they have the financial resources to do so, but they know how to creatively exploit the full potential of their strategy.

See the email subject:

como enviar correos masivos

It is evident: Books to read after Traction: Startup Guide to Getting Customers

As always, they are using information about my recent purchases to recommend similar products.

But the best is the preheader:

como enviar correos masivos

Suggestions from other readers based on “Traction”

This means that other readers who liked the book in question are the ones who are recommending these other books.

This is very good because it is not Amazon itself that is recommending the book, but other readers who also read the same book.

And it is very likely that they will share my interests.

A fascinating strategy.

Here’s what the email body looks like:

como enviar correos masivos

It is very easy to read the message as well. It is important to note that the goal of the campaign is to guide readers to the landing page where they could purchase the product.

The only purpose of this newsletter is to make the user click the button.

In fact, it follows a pattern in Z:

como enviar correos masivos

That is a much used (western) standard from left reading to right.

We can see the message:

Don’t you know what to read now? + Image of the Book that was purchased recently (To demonstrate that they know what you have read, and can give useful suggestions)

+ Other readers recommend these books based on Traction +

Button to view the suggestions

Also, they are not trying to sell anything directly

And some subscribers may click the button out of curiosity.

And there is something even more curious if you access the site:

como enviar correos masivos

They are not trying to sell directly either.

Instead, we can add these suggestions to our wish list.

Adding to the list is free, so it’s easier to convince users to click because they are not buying anything.

What are the advantages for the company?

1) Occasionally, many customers will review their wish list, when they are looking for a new book to read, so they could buy one of these books in the future.

2) Amazon knows how to send email efficiently, and they will use this wish list to send newsletters to you, with the excuse of offering a gift suggestion, or a fantastic discount on the book you were looking to buy.

But it doesn’t end there; the email includes a small link which allows us to suggest a book:

como enviar correos masivos

In this way, Amazon gets our help as readers, to add more recommendations for other users.

As subscribers and customers, we are helping the company, so that they can improve their targeting of products for customers with a profile and interests similar to ours, or at least potentially similar.

In short

Two newsletters that answer our question of how to send a mass mailing to help us sell more.

In particular, Amazon’s email is very complete; I believe they have not been sending such messages for a long time, because it’s the first time, I have received these emails.

I like this type of newsletter, mainly as a customer, because I can see products which are similar to those I have already bought, which may be of interest to me.

What did you think of these newsletters?


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