Safe harbor and Mailchimp: Avoid legal problems by migrating to Mailrelay

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If when you needed to choose between Mailchimp and Mailrelay your company preferred to work with Mailrelay, I would like to say something:

Thank you for your trust!

We know that this choice can be difficult, as for a user without technical knowledge it is not easy to understand the differences.

To be honest the competition is very uneven, but the confidence in our company as well as the encouragement, helped us to work hard and develop a competitive email marketing software, with a technical team to help you make the most of our email marketing software.

But if you are one of those who preferred to use MailChimp, I will have to explain something important:

If you have a business in Europe and are concerned about the cancellation of the safe Harbour and the legal repercussions for your business, rest assured, the Mailrelay team will help you so you can continue to send your email marketing campaigns as soon as possible.

The cancellation of the safe harbor

Is directly affecting many companies that were using Mailchimp as their email marketing software.

Legally, if your company is European, now you can’t have your contact lists in MailChimp.

So it is important to migrate to an email marketing software such as Mailrelay, which has servers in Europe to comply with data protection laws created by the European Union.

Now, what can you do?

Prices in Mailrelay are cheaper, so it is very likely that your costs will be reduced with this migration.

If you have a small business and you were paying for services such as autoresponders, you should know that in Mailrelay this service is included on all accounts, even for the free accounts.

And yes, we have the best free account with a limit of up to 75000 emails per month, for up to 15000 subscribers.

There may be some difficulty in the migration process.

Migrating from an email marketing software to another is a process of several steps, and there may be occasional difficulties or incompatibilities, as each software works in a different way.

But for this we have a team of technicians to help you in everyting we can:

Please contact our support staff

You can contact us  anytime for assistance in the process of migrating your contacts and campaigns from MailChimp to Mailrelay

Just don’t wait too long

There are many companies that are contacting us, due to the cancellation of the safe harbor, and although we are helping all companies as soon as possible, the number of migrations is growing a lot, therefore maybe our response speed can be reduced.

However, don’t worry, we will respond and help all companies who are facing this unexpected legal problem.

But in the case the email marketing campaigns are a priority for your company:

Don’t waste time and contact us

Start migrating your account as soon as possible, this is the best choice.

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