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Learn more about the benefits of creating your first affiliate program

Ao criar um novo negócio online, quando é importante  começar a ganhar dinheiro através de um programa de afiliados? Como você pode fazer isto? Vamos ver como criar programas de afiliados para o seu negócio online.

If you are  creating a new online business when it is important to start making money through an affiliate program? How can you do this? Let’s see how you can create affiliate programs for your online business.

Your online business is already working without too many problems, you begin to realize that the  community responds to your advertising campaigns and your Subscribers are receptive to the proposals sent in the newsletters.

In addition, the blog begins to receive visits and you notice that the time invested in generating content for your audience is rewarded with comments, likes and tweets that make you feel glad that you managed to connect with your visitors.

It’s time to take another step in your online marketing strategy, especially if you already have partnerships with bloggers and entrepreneurs willing to help grow your business.

It’s time to start creating your affiliate program

Today we will talk about the benefits of creating your first affiliate program  to boost sales of your products and services. An affiliate program is a quick and easy way to exponentially increase your visibility and your customer base, with users happy and satisfied with your solutions.

Working with affiliates,  you will have a greater number of satisfied customers talking about your products, more potential customers will be visiting your blog to read your articles and sign up for your newsletter, so that gradually you can get more subscribers.

Benefits of creating an affiliate program

afiliados para emprender

  • Your sales will increase exponentially
  • You can strengthen ties with your partners
  • It is possible to increase your website’s visibility and reach an audience that would not have access to your products
  • There are other people  working to promote your products or Services

It is true that your affiliates will not help you sell your products or services during the launch campaign voluntarily,

Most of the time, it is necessary to offer a sales commission to get people interested in helping you.

But don’t worry, there are platforms that take care of these details and you don’t have to manage manually each affiliate.

How to organize your affiliate program?

I use Sendowl, an online sales platform that allows you, depending on the option you choose, to upload a number of digital products, after making the payment of the chosen plan, using Paypal or any other form of payment.

Sendowl also allows you to create your own affiliate program in a very simple way, in just a few minutes.

To do this, follow these steps:

1.- Create an account on Sendowl if you have not already done so, choose your plan and confirm to activate your account.

2.- After activating your account, you can add your first product or Service clicking on PRODUCTS – ADD PRODUCTS .

3.- Adding the first digital product or service is not complicated, just choose from:

  • Product: physical or digital product .
  • Service: Services offered on your website or blog .
  • Subscription: Depending on your plan you will have the option of offering subscriptions and recurring payments .
  • Bundle: After you add multiple products or services, you can create a package with several options for the user to buy more than one  product or service at the same time.

If you are selling, for example, an ebook, select the Product option – Digital File, choose the name, add the file and enter a price. When it is ready, you just need to click on the blue button CREATE PRODUCT and your first digital product will be available on the platform.

4.-Before proceeding, make sure you have properly configured the tax options, depending on where your product is being sold, it may be necessary to charge the corresponding taxes.

If you have questions about it, it is better to contact the support team to request additional information.

The collection of taxes, if you need, is free. However, if you need the platform to manage everything for you, you may need to pay  additional fees.

After solving this issue, when you set the tax on Sendowl, on the  SETTINGS option, GATEWAYS, TAXES & FRAUD, the platform will detect the buyer’s country and apply the necessary taxes, so you don’t have to worry about anything, just with the presentation of invoices to make the declaration to the your governmental institution.

5.- The next step is to enable affiliate sales. It is very easy, you can do it clicking on the infoproduct or service you want to activate and select the option Enable Affiliate Sales, choose the% (commission) that each affiliate will receive for the sale of that particular product or service.

Remember to save your changes by clicking the SAVE button. And voila! You have your first infoproduct or service associated with an affiliate program, it was not that  hard, whas it?

Now, how to invite your partners to your affiliate program?

Once you have activated your affiliate program, you can access all the details about it in SETTINGS -> AFFILIATE PROGRAM.


Programa de afiliación

Here are the basic settings in the screenshot, so you can see the options  I’m using, if you need a Reference to complete the configuration options.

► Enabled: This box must be checked so that your program is enabled.

► Affiliate Program Name: Use the product name, because it is important  to identify each program, for when you need to edit or delete it.

In my case, as i just have one, I prefer to use the name of my blog.

► Support Email Address: Use a valid email address here, to help your affiliates, if they have questions about the program, before, during or after registering in your affiliate program.

► Cookie Precedence: Cookie origin. For example, a potential customer clicks on the link published by the affiliate1, but doesn’t buy, and days later, he or she clicks on the link published by affiliate2 and complete the purchase, with the configuration I’m using, the last link (affiliate2) would receive for this sale.

In my personal opinion, this would be the best option because it was this last affiliate who managed to convince the customer to buy.

► Cookie Lifetime:

The lifetime of the cookie that stores information on which potential customers clicked on the affiliate links.

If it is a temporary campaign, you can usually limit it to a few months.

If you are working with a long campaign, you can choose another period. A year

► Cookie Expiry: when the cookie responsible for monitoring each potential customer who clicked on your affiliate link will expire.

The best option would be to record all sales generated by this link, not only the first, don’t you think?

If you look a little further down, you will find the link you should send to your affiliates to join your program. Signing up is very easy, the affiliate only needs to sign up and confirm his information.

And clicking on Payouts, you can view the sales by affiliate and the commissions you need to pay for each user.

You can download this information to your computer and make payments through paypal or using another method of payment.

Sendowl will not make payments to your  affiliates, you will have to do it manually once a month, for example.

Remember to edit the terms of use of your affiliate program, including how many times per month payments will be made and the minimum amount required to receive the commissions.

This option can be found in SETTINGS -> AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Configuration -> Show All Options: Affiliate Terms & Condition .

Interestingly affiliates who make a purchase from their own link will not receive commission. To avoid problems.

Alternatively, you can copy terms and conditions from another affiliate program, to facilitate your work, although it is important to review all the rules before creating your affiliate program:

Términos de afiliados

Participate in third-party affiliate programs

In fact, if you have not created your own  portfolio of products and services, it would be a good idea to test the waters and see if your subscribers are  really interested in your solution, to do this, you can start working with a similar affiliate program to see if users are interested.

You should also consider how much time and resources you are investing in each marketing campaigns.

You can create an excel where you will write each step you are taking for creating  your affiliate campaign, the time you spent to develop each new product and the necessary resources you are using when creating the campaign.

Another important detail to remember, if you want to join a third-party affiliate program, review the program rules, to make sure it is advantageous for both parties.

What are the benefits of participating in an affiliate program created by a blogger or entrepreneur related to your niche?

  • You can know your audience to know exactly what they would accept to buy
  • You will discover if your audience is really interested in this type of product or service
  • You will not invest time or resources to create your own products or services without being sure that they will have a good reception
  • You will get an automatic commission for each sale, which is never bad.

 In short: joining a third-party affiliate program when you’re not selling any products on your blog is a great idea to discover whether these products and services are well received and to understand the behavior of your visitors, what kind of product they want to buy, if they will want to pay for digital products.

Using Sendowl as an affiliate is also very easy, the administrator panel  is really very intuitive.

You will see a new option in your administration menu (in the left), “Programs”, clicking this menu, you can access the affiliate programs available on the platform and the ones you registered through external links.

This link can be sent by email, but you can also put it in your website for your readers to register with one click.

In the Programs menu you will see all the programs in which you are registered and clicking on each name, you can see:

  • The characteristics of each program
  • The contact form (if you need more information about the program)
  • Your affiliate link and the commissions

The link you will have to copy is displayed in link Description:

Ejemplo de enlace de afiliados

You can also see the percentage of commission you will receive for each sale. As you can see, this platform is very intuitive and easy to manage, it is also in English, so  it’s worth testing.

Final Tips for an attractive promotional campaign

  • Never recommend a product or service that you would never purchase yourself. transparency and honesty are fundamental to build a good relationship with your subscribers, because your reputation may be adversely affected if you recommend any product without knowing what you are offering to your readers.
  • Publish a post talking about the product or service you want to sell on your blog, remember that We usually prefer to  buy experiences and emotions, so it is important to give sufficient reasons so that the reader decides to buy the products.
  • Make it clear that you are participating in an affiliate program and you will receive a commission for each sale.
  • You can offer a bonus or an extra gift to people who buy the product or service through your affiliate link. Something that will not take up a lot of your time, but to increase the added value of the product.

If you do this, you will need to contact the creator of the program to inform you about the customer information, such as the email address of users who buy the product or service through your link.

You will only receive a notification for each sale, but you will not have access to personal customer data.

And of course, don’t forget to send a newsletter (or several, such as explained in previous posts about creating effective campaigns) and inform users on your social networks. Prepare a promotion identical to the one you would create to promote the sale of your own products.

After all, part of what the product creator will receive will be shared with you, so it’s important to take your job seriously, so that  the campaign is a success.

Que el pasado te sirva de trampolín

And this is today’s post. I wanted to share with you the two sides of the coin: creating your own affiliate program VS joining affiliate programs created by other bloggers, so that, based on the conclusions of this post, you can choose how you prefer to start your business venture and start monetizing your blog, selling products or services.

Which option do you prefer?

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