Cómo crear un canal de Youtube

How to create a YouTube channel for your business

Antonio Postigo

If you are still unsure whether to create a YouTube channel for your business or not, let me say one thing: don’t hesitate anymore.

However, if you are already using this platform to promote your brand, project, or company: Congratulations! You are already part of this small group of privileged people that Google will treat with love and reward with a little more notoriety in the future.

What will you find in this guide on how to create a YouTube channel?

Here you will find three important pieces of information:

  • A Step by Step Tutorial on Creating Your YouTube Channel
  • A guide to setting up your YouTube channel
  • Relevant information and warnings about aspects you should not ignore

Our goal is to help you create your channel quickly.

If you need reasons to read this article and learn how to create a YouTube channel for your business, here are three:

  • This post will go straight to the point
  • You will be able to create your channel in less than 15 minutes
  • You don’t even have to post a video to start taking advantage of your channel

You can find dozens of tutorials for creating a YouTube channel. Why should you choose this guide and not another one?

Very easy! For the following reasons:

  • It is an updated guide
  • We will get to the point, step by step.
  • Your time is money, so the guide is short and optimized to help you build your channel within minutes.

How to create a YouTube channel from scratch for your business

These are the 12 steps you must follow to create your new channel.

1.- Go to YouTube.com

Sign in with your Gmail account or create a new one.

Ve a Youtube.com

2.- Enter the YouTube Settings Menu

Entra en el menú de configuración de YouTube

3.- Configure the main parameters

You will see a new window where you can configure the parameters of your channel.

You should take some time to correctly fill in all fields in this window. Remember that all the information you add here will be vital to improving your channel reputation.

The first section is “Overview.” In the lower right corner you will find a link where you can see your existing channels or create a new one.

Menú para crear el canal de Youtube
4.- Create your channel

You can click on the first option to create a new channel.

La primera opción que te ofrece es la de crear un nuevo canal

5.- Choose your channel name

If you are unsure about the name you want to use, don’t worry, you can change it later.

In this section, you should also choose a category to classify your channel. Choose the one you find most appropriate to describe your project and its objectives.

Elige el nombre de tu canal de Youtube

You should now accept Google’s terms of use. Done! You have already created your YouTube channel.

6.- You just created a YouTube channel

Do you want to make sure the process has been completed? Go to the “My Channel” menu and you will see that it has already been created.

Ve al menú “Mi canal” y verás que ya está creado

7.- “My Channel” Menu

When you click on this menu, you will see an image similar to this one. You can see, among other things, the name you chose for your business channel.

Now that you have created your channel let’s look at some other information.

Canal recién creado

The next step is to customize your channel, improve its appearance, do some SEO-related retouching to start getting the most out of your work.

8.- Return to the control panel

Click on the “Video Manager” tab.

Pulsa en la pestaña “Gestor de vídeos”
9.- Verify your channel

This step is very important because for Google, the concept of “ownership” is decisive. You need to confirm that this channel is yours.

Verifica tu canal

Even if you can name admins or managers, keep in mind that the owner will always be the one who has registered and verified the channel.

10.- You will have to follow two steps to verify it

This process is very simple, but you should take a few things into consideration:

  • Choose the country you are actually in: you will not be able to create a channel using another country
  • Enter your phone number WITHOUT the country code
  • Choose whether you want to receive the YouTube verification code by voice or text message
  • If this number has been used to create other channels (Google will allow a maximum of two per year per number), you will need to enter another phone number
  • Always enter a number that you can use again later. Google may request this number in the future and it will be used for account recovery, or to verify the channel again (if necessary)

Verificación mediante código

11.- You just changed your channel warning

Your channel has already been verified by YouTube. If you want, you can create admins, but the owner will always be you.

Verificado tu canal

12.- You just opened a digital window on YouTube

Now that you have your channel, you should take some time to start advertising your brand. To do this, open the Channel section and go to the tab. “Advanced Options.”

Gana un enlace

In the screen on the right, choose your country. This is where you can change your location in the future.

Then choose the keywords you want to rank. I recommend you use just the keywords that define your brand, project, or business. This field will help a lot to rank your brand on Youtube.

Now link your channel to your site by entering the address in the field “Associated Website.”

Remember to click “Save” at the bottom of the screen so that you don’t lose your job.

Well. With this action, you just got a high-quality link from YouTube to your site. You already have an advantage, and you haven’t posted a single video yet!

Now that you know how to create a YouTube channel, let’s talk a little bit about the steps you will have to follow to optimize it.

Your business channel should be a new ally in your marketing strategy.

You already have your channel and your first relevant link. Now it’s time to start improving the chances of success in this endeavor. To help you out, I’ll give you some tips on the next steps.

As you will see, we didn’t fill in many fields. You will have to add this information later, especially if you decide to upload videos or use your channel regularly.

But don’t worry, we’re just filling in the basic information so you can have your channel working in a few minutes.

Now is the time to “change the channel design,” and I promise you that this process will also be quick and simple.

1.- Let’s improve the design of your channel

Click the upper-left icon (three horizontal stripes) and on the “My Channel” tab. In the image, you can find the menu.

Mejoremos la apariencia de tu canal

2.- Changing the channel layout

You must understand that the first image displayed on your channel will be your business card on Youtube. First, add your logo. You should create an 800 x 800 square logo Here, I want to give you some advice: If you use a square image and insert a circle inside it, with  your logo inside this circle, that would be visually perfect.

To give you an idea, you could work with a logo like this one:

Hazlo más atractivo

Another recommendation: Make your brand attractive by adding a beautiful image to your channel header. This image should be descriptive and related to your product, brand, or project.

Here are two tricks for creating a professional image for your corporate channel:

  • The ideal size is 2560 x 1440 pixels. This size is ideal for different devices as it will display correctly even on a smart tv
  • Place the main element in the center of the image. Your product should not take up more than 25% of the space, as you should create a visually appealing piece that will display correctly on smaller screens like Smartphones.

The description is a point you should not forget. Use your keywords, but be direct. Remember this text will guide Google when classifying your channel.

Personaliza tu cabecera

3.- You have already set the channel header, logo, and description, so your brand is already represented on YouTube

This is an image of my channel after adding the settings we saw in this guide:

Así es como se muestra mi cabecera

The image shows “Hoy Streaming,” centered and it is displayed correctly on all screen sizes.

It also describes my work with live event broadcasting services.

4.- Make your channel a little more social

You can add links for your site and profiles on social media platforms. To do that, click on the settings menu (the icon with a gear on the right side below your channel image)

Accede al menú configuración

Here you will have to enable the customization of your channel.

Debes activar la personalización detu canal

With this action, you have just activated other options. Some are visible right away, and others are a bit hidden.

But don’t worry: I will guide you so you can easily find them.

Now click on the “More Info” tab where you can edit everything that will be shown to your visitors.

This is one of the sections that are semi-hidden on Youtube.

Pay attention to this step because if you hover over this part of the screen you will see an icon to edit each section.

Edita cada apartado

You can now add the link to your site and the social media you want to use. The icons will be displayed in header image when you save the changes.

What did you get by following this guide on how to create a Youtube channel?

It’s time to review everything you got after following this guide on how to create a YouTube channel for your business.

These are some of the advantages of this tutorial:

  • From now on, users will find information about your brand on YouTube, the second most used search engine after Google.
  • You are already part of this 10 % of the projects that are present in the most used video platform in the world. Yes. You read that correctly: the remaining 90% have not yet taken the step you just took.
  • You also have a new relevant link to your site.
  • And a new option to publicize your work.
  • As if all of the above were not enough, you are demonstrating to Google you care about your project. You spent some time setting up your channel, which means you care about your business, and Google will reward you for your work.

Another thing: Did you notice that you haven’t uploaded any videos yet?

Being on YouTube doesn’t always mean uploading videos. It’s not difficult either to create original material that adds value to your brand.

A clear example is in my HoyStreaming project, where I post interviews and videoconferences to promote my brand and my work.

Do you think I spend a lot of money to produce this kind of content? I don’t need a big budget to record these videos!

It is a cheap and simple idea. It’s just a matter of constancy and betting on your work using essential elements to advertise your brand.

That same strategy, as any good entrepreneur should know, could also be used by you.

I’d love to read about your experience in this wonderful world.

Have you created a YouTube channel yet?

After creating your first YouTube channel, you might consider taking One more step: Start monetizing your channel.

Antonio Postigo

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