70+ 1 Tips for attracting more subscribers to your email list

Danyel Perales

Are you one of those who have already created a blog, added a subscription form to create an email list and run email marketing campaigns, but never worked again with this strategy?

Would you like to understand why you didn’t capture as many new subscribers as you thought you could get?

Welcome to the club.

You have just found the solution to all your problems.

Come on!

#01. Your lead magnet as the center of your strategy

As you probably know, a lead magnet is a typical ebook or gift you give your subscribers in exchange for their email address.

Well, this strategy works for most bloggers and consists of creating a landing page or article explaining the advantages of the gift you are giving visitors in exchange for their subscription.

For example, on one of my blogs about WordPress, TutorialWP, I offer a gift to all visitors who subscribe to my newsletter. Can you guess what they will get?

Exactly! A complete WordPress PDF tutorial with everything you need to learn how this CMS works.

If you go to my blog homepage (and other promotional pages), you’ll see that instead of finding the typical post with recommendations and steps, it’s all about the content you’ll find if you download the lead magnet.

Also, as my site has been optimized for SEO, every day new users are visiting the page, eager to send me their emails in exchange for my WordPress manual, because, and here’s the key, that’s what they were looking for when they accessed the page or post, so I don’t have to spend time trying to convince them to subscribe to my newsletter. They will do it because the gift I’m offering is what they need.

Don’t just create a typical landing page with an Ebook for download. You will have to work to respond to search intent and thus rank your site on Google. Describe the content of your ebook, the differences between what you are offering, and other options, as well as the main advantages of your proposal.

# 02. Giveaways

Everyone loves gifts, so you can use this strategy to help build your mailing list.

In addition to requiring participants to register with their email, you can include other incentives rewarding those who share your giveaway on multiple social media, for example.

In my case, using this strategy, I made it very clear that the winner would be contacted by email and that he would have to reply within a short time.

If you do that, you won’t be filling your database with fake, temporary, or inactive emails.

obviously, the bigger the prize, the bigger the participation. If you boost your strategy with a Facebook ad campaign, you will multiply the results.

# 03. Testimonials

Testimonials from some of your current subscribers or customers are one of the most powerful tools for convincing visitors to trust you.

When potential subscribers see what others have to say about you, their trust builds, and they sign up without thinking.

You should always post only real testimonials because if you post false information, you will have serious problems. Ideally, you should reward current users and convince them to leave comments and reviews about your brand.

This works:
In TutorialWP. Online, I am working with all of these strategies. I’m offering giveaways, a downloadable guide, and inviting subscribers to leave a testimonial about their experience. By working with all approaches at the same time, I am getting honest reviews, as users are happy with everything they are getting in return.

Ofertas exclusivas por correo electrónico

# 04. Exclusive offers by email

This strategy is valid if you have a virtual store or a small blog.

You just need to let your customers or readers know that you would like to send them exclusive promotions or discounts that surely interest them. To receive them, they just have to leave a contact email.

the offering should be attractive enough to convince them to subscribe.

# 05. Create a Challenge or Contest

A challenge or contest will motivate people to step forward and do things they would not otherwise do, like pouring a bucket of ice water over your head or eating ten eggs in a minute. Does that sound familiar to you?

The challenge may include some kind of gift, giveaway, or reward. One of the rules should be that they subscribe to your list.

The more creative and fun the challenge, the more participation. Plus, if you do that, you can get your readers to perform tasks that will help you position your page on Google, such as searching for your brand, leaving comments, or spending a lot of time browsing your site for a “hidden” image.

# 06. Affiliates

A great way to grow your mailing list is to ask other people to help you.

How could you do that? You can offer something for people in your industry to refer your site or blog to new users and help you get the word out about your work.

You will need to create a secure affiliate system for both you and the people who will work with you. If you are unable to track referrals correctly, you will end up with a serious problem.

# 07. Birthday

This is a date that, to a greater or lesser extent, everyone takes into consideration. We all enjoy being remembered and receiving birthday congratulations (even though some people say this is not true).

Give your users a special reward for their birthday if they subscribe to your mailing list.

It is recommended that you set a minimum period in advance to sign up before their birthday to receive the gift if you want this strategy to work.

# 08. Email signature

More and more people realize that the signature, which we all include at the end of each message, is a great way to promote our business subtly (and not so subtly).

This tactic works best when you use your own professional email address. This same signature can also take users to your opt-in page, where they can sign up using their email address.

your email signature should be brief, easy to read, and compelling enough for this strategy to work. You should add an impactful phrase to drive visitors to your site where they can find a unique promotion or lead magnet.

# 09. Mobile Application Registration

With the predominance of smartphones in today’s world, mobile apps have become increasingly popular.

If your project has an app, you can use this important way to grow your mailing list by requesting a valid email address when they sign up for your mobile app.

For example, WordPress plugins, like JetPack or apps like OneSignal, require you to sign up and leave your email to use them.

your mobile app should be really useful, or people will never subscribe to your newsletter. Also, it should be related to your product or service and offer a fantastic experience, or users won’t  install it on their phone.

# 10.Lectures, classes, and conferences

Live training is a great way to promote your personal brand and business, and also get subscribers to your email marketing campaigns.

Whenever you do that, you should include in your talk and in the material you use, a link to your site where (in exchange for leaving an email) attendees can download the slides or any additional material mentioned during the presentation.

Focus on the topic of the talk to interest your potential subscribers, and mention the value of being on your mailing list.

# 11.Business Cards

Although it may seem outdated, if you add QR codes or shortened URLs to your business cards, it will be extremely easy for users to access your opt-in form.

If you also hand over these cards after following the 10th tip, you will multiply their impact.

You should know:
QR codes allow the user to scan the code and automatically transfer specific data without any additional effort. Include them on your business cards and set them up to direct users to an opt-in form.

# 12. Brochures

Brochures have not entirely disappeared; people still like reading them to get a quick overview of the products and services your company offers.

Just make sure you include a link to a signup page and/or a QR code.

the best brochures are simple, easy to read, and have great visual appeal.

# 13. Credibility

You need to be a reliable source of the information you want to share.

When it comes to your email marketing strategy, users should be convinced that you are really legitimate and not just trying to create a mailing list to send spam.

Credibility is created through content and showing that users can trust you. That won’t happen overnight. Security and transparency are key concepts you should never ignore, even if you are only getting started with your business.

# 14. Loyalty

Another option is to develop your own rewarding program for regular and loyal customers to encourage recurring purchases and of course, increase your subscriber list.

Increase the reward for customers who sign up for your newsletter.

Create options to encourage referral

# 15. Create options to encourage referral

One of the best options for increasing your subscriber list is to add buttons to forward your emails at the bottom of the newsletter, including phrases like “Send our email to a friend” or other text to convince readers to forward your campaign to their friends.

If you use this option, I recommend that you include the option to subscribe to users who receive the forwarded message.

# 16. Add sharing links on social media

Social networking is the fastest, most comfortable, and cheapest strategy for reaching the largest number of people who don’t (yet) know your business.

If you occasionally share your emails with friends and followers on social media, you can show them what they may be missing out if they don’t subscribe to your newsletter.

Try posting some of your emails or lead magnet on your social profiles with a link to your subscription page where users can access the full material for free after signing up.

# 17. Podcasts

Podcasts are booming, so it would be a good idea to not only promote your business or project but at the same time, invite listeners to subscribe to your mailing list.

If you can’t or don’t want to create a new one, you could contact podcasters from your industry to participate as a guest or to be interviewed by them.

It’s good to mention your email list informally throughout the podcast, but remember to make at least one formal and well-structured call to action.

# 18. Business Listings (Local)

People check business listings when they are unsure where to go or who to hire. This is a great time to take the opportunity to provide the best possible service in the long run.

If you include your business in multiple local and regional business listings, you’ll be able to drive potential customers to your landing page and ask them to subscribe to your database.

Cleaner business listings with the most basic information work best. Never work with spammy listings, as this could affect the reputation of your site.

# 19. Optimize your call to action

It doesn’t make much sense to send a lot of traffic to your subscription page if the call to action or the page itself isn’t optimized to convert visitors and readers into subscribers.

To evaluate:
An A/B test on your landing page and application form may be one of the best ways to optimize results.

# 20. Comment on blogs

Commenting on other blogs in your industry has several advantages, among which, in addition to branding, you can drive traffic to your site if you add value to your comments.

If your content and value proposition are good, these visitors will eventually become your subscribers if you choose to comment on blogs related to your niche.

You can also include your landing page URL in your comment to invite readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

# 21. Optimize biographies for all your profiles

Inviting people to get to know you better is one of the best options for convincing them to join your mailing list.

Add your link to the landing page in all your biographies.
There are a large number of platforms that request a bio on your profile page.

# 22. Provide different Opt-in options

People tend to respond more favorably to the questions that give them more frequent answers than simple yes or no questions.

By providing subscription options and different forms of contact or content, you can get more subscriber satisfaction than with a single sign-up option.

Let your subscribers choose how often they want to receive your newsletters. Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, it may be a good choice for those who prefer to keep their inbox clean without losing the most important information you will send.

# 23. Communities

Another way to involve others in the goods and services you provide is by creating communities that revolve around or relate to your area of expertise.

Creating, promoting, and maintaining a community takes a lot of work, but if done well, you can get a legion of people willing to recommend subscribing to your site wherever they are.

# 24. Twitter

Being aware of Twitter trends and conversations can be a source of important subscribers.

Interact with industry influencers, share content genuinely and sporadically. When you get visibility, share your landing page directly with users who interacted with you.

Prepare your call to action before trying to attract new subscribers.

# 25. Foursquare

Although not widely used in some countries, the Foursquare app is another way to get additional subscribers for your email marketing campaigns.

This search service not only directs people to your local address but also allows you to post alerts about your business to potential customers in your area and include a link to your subscription form.

 Before you start working with this app, make sure Foursquare is an appropriate option for customers potentially interested in your business.

# 26. YouTube

Youtube is a fantastic option for showcasing your project and your ideas to millions of people.

Remember to always use your subscription page and add it to your channel and in the information section of each video you post.

In general, you’re interested in attracting social media users to your site and subscriber list, not the other way around.

Your YouTube videos must be relevant to your business and theme and well-planned for this strategy to work as expected.

# 27. Facebook

Facebook offers two options to ensure that the link on your signup page is visible to everyone who visits your page. Place the link on the cover and background photos.

you need a solid color contrast that will draw visitors’ attention.

# 28. Purchase Receipts

Purchase receipts are also another option for adding information about your email list. You could ask users to fill in their email address or direct-write it down on paper.

you should ask them to write their email address on the ticket, or most customers will not even see that they can include their data. Of course, be sure to consult a professional to comply with your country’s data protection regulations before implementing this technique.

# 29. Paper subscription forms

Another approach based on attracting customers who come into your local business is to ask users to write their email address in a flyer or paper form and insert it into a ballot box to participate in a giveaway.

# 30. Newsletter example

Another interesting alternative is to post some previous campaigns on your site so that your customers see what they are missing if they don’t sign up for your newsletter.

Of course, you should also include a link to your signup page or a QR code.

if you always post your newsletter on your site, your visitors will not want to subscribe, unless you are continually sending very seasonal content, such as discounts or specific promotions that will last only a few days.

# 31. Summary of Featured Offers

If you work with a wide variety of products and services that can be segmented into different categories, you could prepare a summary or glossary with the best deals and promotions in each area as and send this information by email.

Also, you can add an email opt-in popup window with several options related to the information users want to receive.

the options should be clearly different, and you should send specific information that corresponds to each segment.

# 32. Anti-Spam Policy

One of the reasons people don’t subscribe to mailing lists is because they don’t want their email addresses to be distributed or sold to other people who can send spam.

Encouraging your customers and prospects by ensuring that their personal information is 100% secure on your site will help to reduce this common objection.

don’t just add a simple sentence. Set your anti-spam policy on a separate page or in your disclaimer and link this section so users can read the information directly.

# 33. Convert buyers into subscribers

If you use multiple services and applications to offer different payment methods, you can usually add a voluntary sign-up checkbox to the final payment process.

Although you have already requested the customer’s email address to send the purchase receipt, it is also important to ask them to opt into the subscription instead of assuming that you have automatic authorization to send a newsletter to your new customer.

This Opt-in checkbox works best at the time of purchase, but it can also be included in the email the user will receive with the invoice as long as you clearly explain that they are subscribing to your newsletter and will receive commercial information in the future.

# 34. Simplify your opt-in forms

People are busy and rarely have time to go through a complicated registration process.

You may have many things you want to share with your customer, but your subscription form is not the right place to do so.

The conversion rate will improve if you don’t ask for a lot of information during the opt-in.

For most companies, three lines (name, email address, and spam policy next to the subscribe button) are sufficient for an optimized subscription form.

If necessary, you can request additional information in the confirmation email or on the page where you will redirect subscribers later.

Some sites don’t even include the name field to facilitate the signup process. I think it is better to include the name field, but you are the one who will decide what will work best for you.

# 35. Apply copywriting techniques to your registration form

Apply copywriting techniques to the phrases of your forms to convince visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

In many situations, technical jargon, corporate language, or jokes could have a negative effect.

The tone you use in your texts will reflect the image of your project. Therefore, optimize your form text and landing pages to reflect the brand image you want to promote.

# 36.Telemarketing

You may think this strategy is outdated, but telemarketing is another way to increase your subscriber list.

If you have the option of calling and interacting with your current and future customers, a quick request at the end of the call to receive your email is another great way to get additional email addresses.

Customers need to understand the benefits of subscribing to your mailing list. Your message should be clear and to the point.

# 37. Restricted or private content for subscribers only

And with content, I’m not just referring to articles or posts that would take a long time to create, but also downloadable files, podcasts, guides, or VIP information.

Create a private page with a password (if you use WordPress, you can do it natively by changing the visibility of the publisher) and send this password periodically in your emails so your readers can download all the features. In addition to getting more subscribers, you’ll increase your campaign open rates.

# 38. Social pressure

We have all heard about how pressure can be bad, but you can use this technique to your advantage.

If you display the number of people who have already subscribed to your list, other readers will see that your campaigns are relevant and that they also should be receiving your emails.

It’s probably not a good idea if you only have a few subscribers, as low numbers won’t invite new users to sign up for your newsletter (in most cases).

# 39. Include options for subscribing to your newsletters when users comment on your content

If you include a blog on your site and promote participation in the comment area, you have another way to make people choose to subscribe to your subscriber list. You could include an opt-in box next to the form where visitors can leave a comment.

# 40. Change your forms sporadically

Sometimes mixing things up can draw attention to your signup form.

If you always add your form in the same position on your site, subscribers may get used to seeing it and will ignore the form.

By changing the design and/or position of your forms, you are more likely to get visitors’ attention.

your offer or proposal to reward the subscription (the main lead magnet) should match the content the visitor is currently reading on the page.

# 41. Highlights

According to the previous point, if readers don’t click on your call to action, they will most likely leave your site without interacting with your content.

Therefore, you should create a compelling call to action.

most people will skim through your content; if your call to action is hidden in the text, most visitors won’t even see it.

# 42.Floating Bars

Floating bars are a very common way to grab users’ attention while they’re on your site and get them to subscribe. This floating bar may be specifically related to specific user behaviors or time spent on your site.

More and more users are browsing the Internet through mobile devices. If you fill your screen with floating bars, share buttons, ads, and cookie warnings, your users will leave your site before they can access your content.

# 43. Sidebar Form Optimization

Users only pay attention to sidebars when they are really reading your content and not just checking for the information they want to find. Therefore, sidebars should be added in the correct position to attract the readers’ attention.

# 44. Include embedded forms in your content

If you use the typical WordPress theme with a right sidebar and just a signup form, most people who visit your site from a mobile device won’t even know you’re offering a lead magnet or that they can subscribe to your newsletter.

Embedded forms above and/or below the posts are a way to convert readers into subscribers.

Incluye formularios integrados en el contenido

# 45. Popup window with timer

If you post long content (like this article) that keeps the reader engaged for a few minutes, consider including a popup window that will be displayed after a certain amount of time.

These forms are shown after the reader has had the opportunity to actually absorb your content, which means that you have already provided enough information to convince him to take the next step.

interrupting users while they are reading can be annoying, so make sure it can be easily closed, or you will have the opposite effect.

# 46. Scroll Box

A scroll box is a typical box that is displayed on the side of the page while your visitors are reading your content. The best thing about this box is that it will follow the cursor, but without disturbing users so that they can fill in the form when they are ready to sign up.

This method is friendlier than a popup because it doesn’t interrupt the reader.

# 47. Exit popup

If you want to have one last chance to get a user registered before leaving the site, an exit popup is a method you should evaluate.

Don’t be too aggressive with this technique, as your subscribers and regular visitors may get tired of closing the popup when they leave the site, and this could affect the recurring visit rate.

# 48. Advertising Banners

Have you ever considered advertising in places directly related to the same audience that appreciates your content? You can use native banner advertising to attract people interested in your niche and direct these users to your signup page.

# 49. QR codes on invoices

Your invoices could become an interesting option for adding a call to action.

Adding a QR code to an invoice is a quick and easy way to invite your customers to subscribe to your mailing list.

In general, invoices are skimmed, so your signature message should be highlighted and get consumers’ attention in just a few seconds.

# 50. Paid Search Ads

Surely you know the Google ad platform. Well, it’s also a highly recommended method to get subscribers.

Obviously, before you start spending money, you have to calculate the conversion rate and the real return on your investment.

You could combine this option with method 1 of this list and advertise your lead magnet for a few keywords that may be helpful.

# 51. Meetings

Meetings are another way to draw attention to your product and service. You could ask other people to subscribe directly to your newsletter before or during the meeting.

You can provide some form of print material to create engagement.

# 52. Bounce Management

Getting bounce messages in your email inbox is annoying, right? Instead of deleting this email address, use other contact forms to update user data.

# 53. Use the information page about yourself.

The “About Us” pages are very important; everyone wants to know more about the company and who runs it before getting too involved.

You can use your info page as another place where users have the option to subscribe.

if your “About” page is impressive enough to attract a customer to your business, it’s the perfect place for them to engage and subscribe to your newsletter.

# 54.Post articles to other blogs

Posting content on other blogs can help you reach new users who might be interested in your business.

There are many sites where you can post quality content and at the same time, include a link in the bio at the end of the post or in the content.

It’s important to choose a blog that is related to your niche to attract users interested in what you offer.

# 55. Apply SEO techniques to every page of your site

Google is another way to connect with customers and leads.

Create a different and unique call to action, especially if the gift you are offering is not directly related to the main keyword that will drive traffic to your site.

# 56. Use the Facebook register button

Include a subscribe button at the top of your Facebook page. This option won’t bring many subscribers, but it’s free, so the results will always be positive.

# 57. Add sharing buttons

Publicizing your value proposition is another good idea.

By adding social sharing buttons on your website or blog and in your email signature, you can allow your subscribers to spread your content to their followers.

Your new subscriber thank-you page is a great place to promote this habit among your current readers.

# 58. Reward interaction

Following the previous advice, another very interesting action is to surprise visitors who have just subscribed to your mailing list with a unique lead magnet, or something different that they were not   expecting to receive in exchange for taking a social action to unlock the gift.

# 59. YouTube Cards

If you’re already using YouTube to promote your business, don’t just comment on your blog and leave the information in the description box.

Leverage the full potential of this tool and add those cards or short messages that appear during your video to promote your email list and the benefits you offer your subscribers.

Take advantage of the video’s most intriguing moment to offer your subscription and improve conversion rate.

# 60. SlideShare

SlideShare is another powerful tool that can be used to capture additional subscribers. This platform allows you to deliver PowerPoint presentations to inform, educate, or attract the attention of your customers.

While it may be frustrating for some users, consider whether you want to stop the presentation after a few frames, and offer the full version in exchange for a free newsletter subscription.

# 61. LinkedIn Groups

In addition to including the information in your profile, as we discussed earlier, LinkedIn groups are another place to demonstrate your knowledge and attract users potentially interested in your project.

If you join specific groups and actively add value, sooner or later, you can promote your lead magnet.

Once again, if your lead magnet solves a specific issue, it will be easier to share the file as a solution to the problem for your audience.

# 62. Answer questions in Facebook groups

Answering questions and establishing yourself as a Facebook group expert can also be a good strategy for attracting more subscribers.

Always maintain a professional attitude and be polite to everyone. Perhaps it would be better to use a professional Facebook profile instead of mixing your personal and business affairs.

# 63.Answer questions in niche forums

Answering questions in forums related to your industry is another way to attract people potentially interested in you and what you are offering.

Search Google for appropriate forums related to your niche and offer real solutions to answer the questions. Be sure to fill out your profile and sign in with the appropriate information to promote your newsletter.

# 64. Answer questions in Quora

Being a Quora expert can also attract readers and potential customers to your email list. Fill in your profile with information about your project.

# 65. Answer questions on Stack Exchange or WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Support Forums

If you are a designer, developer, or programmer, be sure to visit the support forums, where many people seek help every day.

You don’t have to leave links directly to the lead magnet. If you help people regularly, they will eventually visit your site and sign up naturally.

# 66. Ads on Facebook and other social media.

Ads on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are another way to attract potential subscribers to your signup page.

As with Google Ads, you should calculate your return on investment to avoid losing money.

# 67. Offer free tools

Everyone loves getting free stuff. Offering free tools, applications, and software in exchange for a subscription is a great way to help grow your email list.

You would need to offer something really relevant to your target audience.

# 68. Sponsored Events

If you sponsor events, make sure that the organizers will offer some system for collecting the email addresses of people who visit your booth or sign up for your seminar.

You should create a strategy to convince people to subscribe to your mailing list, either by promising unique information or through prizes or discounts.

# 69. Crie um questionário ou pesquisa

Creating a survey is a fun way to get people to subscribe to your mailing list.

By creating a survey that requires users to submit their email address to receive the results; you have a great opportunity to also offer them to mark the sign up box.

the survey should be relevant to your business content.

# 70.Webinars

Webinars are a popular and powerful way to add value to your image and establish yourself as an expert in your niche market. When you create a webinar, you should demonstrate the benefits of subscribing  to your mailing list.

# 71. Your turn

So far, the list includes 70 tricks and tips for getting subscribers for your newsletter.

I recommend that you bookmark this page so that you can return from time to time and apply all strategies to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

Finally, I invite you to complete this list by leaving a comment with your best trick that is working so well for you or perhaps sharing a negative experience that made you learn and change your email marketing strategy.

Also, if it was helpful to you and you can share this article, I will be very grateful. In the meantime, I await you in the comments area.

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