How to sell more with email marketing without automated newsletters

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You have probably read a lot about strategies for boosting your sales. However, we have written this article to help you work with email marketing in your sales strategy.

Our goal is to give you tips to help you take advantage of this fantastic digital marketing technique.

We want to help you sell more and build loyalty.

Don’t miss this post and discover a simple strategy that you can implement right now to increase your sales.

· Why work with email marketing on your sales strategy?

Email marketing is the best channel for engaging with your potential customers for several reasons:

  1. It is direct and personal
  2. Your subscribers will be able to answer you directly
  3. This strategy will not be affected by Google, social media or any other external changes
  4. The email list is yours, not borrowed from third parties
  5. Moreover, it is a very cheap and profitable option.
  6. And measurable!

In summary, when you need to sell a product, the best option is to send a newsletter because you will have real-time reports, and you can see information about clicks, open rates, users who want to stop receiving your campaigns, etc.

You will have all the data you need to evaluate the return of your investment.

What is the best strategy for selling email marketing?

· What is the best strategy for selling email marketing?

It is very easy.

Keep in constant touch with your potential customers, your subscribers are your best asset.

If you only send a newsletter when you really need to sell more, or on select dates, it will be difficult to build a relationship with your customers. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to engage with your subscribers.

Take care of your mailing list.

If you send only a monthly newsletter, how many sales leads are you generating?

A monthly campaign.

What should you do to increase your sales?

Generate more sales leads.


The best option would be to send more emails every month, at least one a week.

► Won’t subscribers get tired of receiving so many emails?

That doesn’t make much sense, really.

If you don’t want to send a weekly newsletter for fear that they will unsubscribe and not buy, you are missing out on the opportunity to sell anyway.

Why would you spend time creating a mailing list if you won’t take advantage of your work?

When a subscriber is no longer interested in receiving your emails, it is better to have him unsubscribe.

No use having a mailing list with thousands of subscribers if only a few of them are opening your emails.

And if they never open your messages, they will never purchase from you.

► Do you still think the problem is the sending frequency?

The reality is that when we are talking about email marketing, frequency is rarely the problem.

When a subscriber doesn’t want to read your email, he or she will just delete it.

The real problem is what we are sending.

And that’s the secret, the content of our emails.

In summary

Do your best to keep your subscribers engaged.

· Do your best to keep your subscribers engaged.

A visitor will only subscribe to your newsletter if he is interested in receiving more information about your products or services (or the lead magnet you are offering).

Otherwise, there is no point in signing up, of course.

If we start from this premise, we can conclude that you can send emails about:

  1. Your product or service (uses, comparatives, guides, etc.)
  2. Indirectly Related Topics
  3. News about your project and promotions

But also, and very importantly:

  1. Talk about possible questions and concerns about your product or service
  2. Advantages of buying the product or service (more benefits, cost savings)
  3. Potential disadvantages of not buying the product or service (missed opportunities, less efficiency)

Mixing everything up with possible situations that your target customer could face:

  1. Positive Situations (New Purposes, Financial Achievements)
  2. Negative Situations (Frustration, Distrust, Fear)

In fact, it would be better to mix all these ideas and create more engaging, believable, and funny emails.

Always try to create an interesting email; your message shouldn’t be annoying; you will have to create a bond with your subscribers.

Try to close more sales with email marketing.

·  Try to close more sales with email marketing.

As we said at the beginning, if you send more emails, you will be able to generate more sales.

But to generate more sales, you will have to talk to your customers more often, or your strategy will not work.

And there are many ways to do that, for example:

ejemplo de venta en envío de email masivo

Direct selling, very simple, this is my product, you can buy it here. A simple strategy that still works very well.

Another option would be to do the same, but with discounts:

vender por envío de emails masivos

If you have detected that your subscribers are interested in your product, but they haven’t decided to buy it yet, you could create a promotion and offer a discount to see if the number of sales will  increase.

On the other hand, many people don’t unsubscribe just because they know that from time to time there is a possibility of receiving discounts.

If you don’t want to “sell” it directly in your emails, you could use another strategy:

ejemplos de mails de venta

Try to get your subscribers to visit your site so they can see your complete catalog.

They may not be interested in the product you sent in the newsletter, but if they go to your website, they can see other options and maybe they could buy something else.

Another interesting strategy, right?

Also, if you decide to send a newsletter to improve your sales, you could

Offer an answer to questions and convey your brand values.

·  Offer an answer to questions and convey your brand values.

In this section, we’ll look at other examples of how we can send a newsletter to increase our sales.

We have already talked about how to create a newsletter to sell products.

But imagine that you would like to sell your services. In this case, you could explain how you work or the advantages of the service you are promoting. The following example is from, they have  a free account and once you sign up you’ll start receiving emails with helpful information about the service they are offering and information to get the most out of your account:

envío de mails masivos

Obviously a straightforward way of selling a service is to demonstrate its advantage. So the key here is to help new customers to make the most of the service they are using.

This is why beacon. by sends frequent emails to its users to help them to learn to use the service.

It’s a creative strategy, isn’t it?

► What about brand values?

You can also promote branding through email marketing.

For example:

email masivo y valores de marca

You could create a newsletter demonstrating why your brand is different from your competitors. The idea of this example is to highlight some aspect of your business strategy, to show your subscribers that you’re not just another company.

Showing subscribers that they can trust your brand. You should be convincing but without forgetting the core values of your company.

When subscribers trust a brand, they will also trust the products or services that the company is selling.

It is really interesting, right?

You should do it gradually through multiple emails.

This will help you show your customers that your brand, and therefore your products/services are different from your competitors.

We are so sure this is true that we offer the largest monthly email marketing package.

· We are so sure this is true that we offer the largest monthly email marketing package.

Yes, we are sure you can sell more if you work with email marketing.

In fact, today, most digital marketers recommend email marketing as one of the best options for increasing sales.

The numbers prove the effectiveness of this strategy: The best ROI rates.

Now imagine being able to send a free newsletter.

You could do that with Mailrelay, with the largest email marketing package available (you can create an account and send up to):

►75,000 free emails per month (up to 15,000 contacts)

The equation is simple:

►Sending more emails = generating more sales

And unlike other competing tools, the Mailrelay account:

  1. It will not include advertising in your emails
  2. You will not have daily limitations
  3. You will have the same options available in paid plans.

Can you see the difference?

It’s a free account for you to sell more, without having to pay for it.

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