Think of your client’s client when writing your sales texts

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I saw the concept that I would like to talk to you about today on Twitter some time ago, I don’t remember who wrote about it, I’m sorry. The advice, tip or recommendation was nothing more or less than a simple sentence similar to the following phrase:

· In the world of B2B marketing, think about your client’s client

That is an interesting concept, which I don’t think should be limited to B2B marketing strategies. For example, if the product will be given as a gift, or will be used by more people, this concept would also apply.

Why should we use this idea in our marketing campaigns?

To better understand why our customer needs the product. We should understand how the product will be used, whether on a professional or personal level.

Let’s see an example to understand how it can be effectively applied to many situations.

For instance, let’s imagine that we are selling a massage table, the typical massage table you can find in any physiotherapy clinic.

At this point, if we are thinking about our customer, we could list aspects such as:

· The price of the massage table

· Its durability

· Different options for height change

·Various tilt and position change options

· How easy it is to sanitize the table

· Etc.

All these factors will be relevant to the business owner, because they will have to invest a lot of money in the product, and they will have to use the same massage table for a long time.

Ok, but why does the price or how long the product will last will matter to the end user?

· Its visual aspect. If it looks old or neglected, it will generate some mistrust.

· If it looks clean. No one wants to find traces of the previous person on the massage table, right?

· And of course, comfort, after all you don’t go to the physio to get worse, or spend an hour of discomfort for nothing.

As we can see, both the customer who is buying the product and the end user will have different interests, but they are related. To provide customer experience, you can also suggest they refer a friend or family member to give rewards.

Of course, the business owner wants to buy a massage table that offers all the features we saw in the first example. However, the business owner also knows that the customers who visit the clinic will be looking for the points in the second example.

To address the needs of our first example, we could write a sales text similar to the following:

Example of a customer-focused B2B marketing campaign
If you buy the Ns300 massage table, you will never have to get another one. Manufactured with materials of maximum durability and following a production process that guarantees that each table is practically indestructible.

This text focuses on durability, something that is directly related to price, but also on profitability.

But how could we take advantage of the second group, customers who will visit the clinic?

With a text similar to this one:

Example of B2B copy about what your client’s client is interested in getting from the product
Your customers will only think of coming back to your clinic again and again. The Ns300 massage table is so comfortable that they can really relax while you treat them. You will be able to help all your patients, in any situation. You’ll be able to use it for several years without any problem.

This text works both ways, what the customer wants to find in the product, and what their customers will need.

If we think about both sides, the customer who will buy the product and the end user, we can create a more relevant sales text.

Take a look at your sales texts following this strategy, and you will see how you’ll find more sales arguments to try to convince your customers to buy from you. - translated by Micheli

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