Why is email marketing so profitable?

Micheli , Invited guest @ Mailrelay

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies with the highest return on investment (ROI).

Everyone talks a lot about return on investment (ROI), but have you ever stopped to think why?

Why is email marketing more effective than other digital marketing strategies?

That’s what we’re going to look at in this post.

The interesting point of this kind of approach is that it allows us to improve our strategies, taking advantage of email marketing.

Don’t you believe me?

Read on, and I’ll explain better.

Why is email marketing so profitable?

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies with the highest return on investment (ROI).

Everyone talks a lot about return on investment (ROI), but have you ever stopped to think why?

Why is email marketing more effective than other digital marketing strategies?

That’s what we’re going to look at in this post.

The interesting point of this kind of approach is that it allows us to improve our strategies, taking advantage of email marketing.

Don’t you believe me?

Read on, and I’ll explain better.

► Email marketing, a single tool, multiple features, positive results

What are Google Ads for?

To sell, when the potential customer searches on Google, and the ad is displayed. The user has the option to click on the ad or not.

Google ads are very effective, they can be used to sell any product or service and companies need to sell.

The problem with relying on ads is that you have to wait for the customer to search for you. You can do nothing but wait.

With email marketing, we can also sell.

And attract organic traffic.

We can also send relevant information and news to our subscribers to foster loyalty.

And we can get in touch with them without having to wait until they reach out to us, creating a private, two-way communication channel, which will increase the subscribers’ confidence.

That is one of the most essential advantages of email marketing. The process is immediate; we can send a message to many people in seconds. In a competitive world, where companies are constantly fighting for users’ attention, working with a system that will allow you to talk to all your customers at once will be vital to getting ahead of your competitors. Ahead of your competitors.

And, of course, you can use a free email service like Mailrelay.

But without a doubt, the fact that you don’t have to wait for customers  tocontact you first is the central aspect that differentiates this strategy from Other marketing options. The fact that you can maintain constant and immediate contact with all your customers is what makes email marketing much more effective than other digital marketing strategies.

El marketing rentable ¿ha de ser económico? El email marketing lo es

Other marketing strategies usually cost a lot of money; email marketing does not                                

Well, it’s true that marketing strategies are not always cheap.

There are digital marketing tools that are very expensive and very effective at the same time.

However, a free email marketing software can make a lot of difference, especially for small businesses with more limited budgets.

If you don’t have to pay for the software, any money you make from the campaign will be better than nothing.

Mailrelay, for example, offers a free account that allows you to send:

    1- Up to 80,000 emails per month, free of charge

    2- Manage up to 20,000 contacts

    3- No advertising

    4- No daily sending limit

    5- With free technical support

This means you can send a newsletter for free, or several, every month, depending on the size of your mailing list.

Even if you need to upgrade your account to a paid plan, email marketing is still a cheaper option when compared with other options.

► Why is email marketing cheap?

There are several reasons, but I would like to highlight one that I think is really relevant.

The prices of email marketing campaigns don’t vary; they will not fluctuate depending on the competition.

In Google Ads campaigns, for example, the cost per click may fluctuate depending on the competition, just like in other cost-per-click campaigns.

With email marketing, there are no nasty surprises.

The costs are stable.

And that is a very positive point for most marketing managers, who can better calculate their marketing budgets without surprises and without changes in the middle of the campaign.

Well, there are more reasons, but the cost-effectiveness of email marketing is not the only aspect that makes this strategy a vital tool in the kit of marketers worldwide.

red de contactos

► Helping to monetize the traffic

Most digital marketing campaigns generate traffic to our website, maybe not all, but many do.

Users who visit our website could be searching for general information or directly interested in what we are offering. But at the end of the day:

    1- They may buy

    2- Or they could leave the site without buying

There are no other options.

If they don’t buy at that moment, we have to hope that they will buy another day.

That they will come back.

But not all of them will visit the page again; in fact, most of them will not come back.

If we want to have more alternatives and more sales options, we can use email marketing, capturing the visitor’s email address with some kind of lead magnet (a discount, for example). Although this is not something that is 100% necessary, since you can capture subscribers without a lead magnet.

Once we have collected their email address, we can then try to sell on many other occasions.

From the first email, they receive.

Without waiting for the customer to decide to come back on their own.

This is much more profitable and gives us different options.

It is very difficult to convince someone to buy after talking to the person Only once

However, if you can interact with your subscribers often, it will be easier to convince them that the product you are promoting is vital to their needs.

Or, we could say that:

► Email marketing allows you to keep talking to your customers for a long time

The fact that we can launch campaigns when needed, without having to wait for customers to come to us, also gives us more freedom to talk to them as often as we deem necessary.

The more you interact with your subscribers, the easier it will be to convince them to click and take action.

If you send only a monthly newsletter, you will generate only one sales opportunity per month.

However, sending a weekly email marketing campaign can generate about four sales opportunities per month.

That’s much better, isn’t it?

And we haven’t even talked about up-selling, cross-selling, etc.

► Are you worried that a high frequency will tire your leads? That they will unsubscribe from your mailing list?

In that case, remember that you can send valuable and entertaining content.

You don’t always have to send the same kind of content.

You can vary it and thus keep your subscribers interested.

In any case, if they subscribed voluntarily, they should be interested in what you are sending, so this should not be your primary concern.

What is the advantage of creating an email list with thousands of users who are not interested in what you want to send? If you are sure that your subscribers understand your value proposition, you should send a newsletter whenever you have something important to offer them.

After all, that would be like buying a car and then not using it for fear that it will stop working. If you have invested in the vehicle, you should use it, but watch for warnings and signs to detect problems in time. You may have to take it to a mechanic occasionally, but if you always leave it in your garage, what is the point of buying a car that you will not use?

You need to invest in things that are important to you.

Another fundamental reason why email marketing is so profitable is because of Offers and Discounts

► You can send information about promotions and discounts whenever you want.

Sometimes you have to generate more engagement and reinforce your brand’s presence in the minds of your customers, announce a promotion to increase sales or a special event sponsored by your company.

Another aspect that we should highlight is the speed of information. When you send a newsletter, all subscribers will receive the same information almost simultaneously. The power is in your hands; you are the one who will choose how and when your contacts will be informed about your brand. In addition to that, you can measure the results in real-time, following the evolution of your campaign as your customers interact with your message.

You can also make the most of the dates usually exploited by marketers, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and other dates relevant to your niche market. Most companies take advantage of these dates with excellent results.


Because email is a very effective way to sell:

Emails are personal

Email communication is perceived as personal, 1 to 1, even if it is a newsletter sent to thousands or even millions of people. When correctly planned, an email marketing strategy can target each subscriber directly.

This is more difficult to achieve with other advertising media, which are perceived as more generic.

This “feeling” that email elicits, which seems to be something personal and unique, has several uses.

We can use a more informal and direct tone, showing empathy for the problems and needs of our subscribers.

Desde el email podemos utilizar diversas estrategias psicológicas

► We can use different psychological strategies with email marketing

As it is a personal channel, it is easier to convey specific motivations, the appropriate message, the correct impressions:

For example

► Sense of urgency

It is possible to convey a sense of urgency, including deadlines, and send several newsletters as the date approaches, or even change the promotion a few days before the deadline.

Try to use fear of missing out.

Your subscriber should realize that if they don’t take the opportunity to buy the product, they would be losing money as it will be more expensive later.

Surely you have received that kind of campaign, and the reason is that they are effective. Despite being a common and well-known practice, it works, and if you use this technique, many of your contacts will decide to buy.

► Exposure and top of mind

Which product would you buy, the one that you have never heard about or a product that you know about because you receive weekly information about it?

Most people would buy the product they already know.

Most of us, even if unconsciously, are afraid of taking risks, especially when we believe we would be wasting time or money.

People, at least the vast majority of them, will not take risks, which means that if they have to choose, they prefer to choose the safest, most reliable option.

One of the best ways to improve users’ confidence in our product is precisely through informative email campaigns.

If we send a newsletter regularly, we can increase brand exposure, as well as generate more sales opportunities because customers will feel more secure when buying our product.

Simply because the customer is constantly seeing our product or service. In the end, they will perceive it with a sense of familiarity of trust, which will facilitate their decision. And if we talk about decisions:

► Facilitate the decision-making process

A well-planned email marketing campaign could be vital in convincing your customer to buy.

But for this strategy to work, we will have to show the advantages of our product, offering guarantees, as well as a safe purchasing system.

And also sharing relevant content, such as product tutorials, related articles, guides, and user reviews.

It will also serve to maintain exposure to our product, as we mentioned in the previous point.

Los contactos son nuestros, no de la plataforma o herramienta

►The contacts are ours, not the platform’s or the tool’s

– Your email list is yours.

This is another aspect in favor of the profitability of email marketing. When you invest in creating an email list, you have a resource that you can exploit for a long time, unlike other forms of advertising that are only active as long as you pay for the ads. In other digital marketing strategies, when you stop paying, you stop attracting customers.

With most platforms or tools, when you invest in advertising, you are paying for the right to access and advertise your brand to users of the company selling the ads. This is a valid and legal strategy, but you need to understand that you are paying to advertise your product to the platform’s clients that is selling the virtual space. In other words, you are paying for access to leads that belong to the platform, and, as the leads are not yours, only those who register and buy from you will continue interacting with your brand when you stop paying for the ads.

But if we add email marketing, if we capture part of those leads, even if it is a low percentage, we will have unlimited access to those leads.

Something that is much better because we will not lose the whole investment.

And that makes our investment much more profitable for a longer period of time.

This way, we will not be as affected when there are policy changes in these tools or when the costs increase because we can continue to use our contact list to maximize our profit. It would not be the first time that, after years and money invested in a social media platform, a company sees its access banned, its page suspended, or whatever, and loses everything, overnight.

You have to avoid that, at the very least, diversify.

Así que el email marketing es rentable

►So email marketing is very profitable

Because it is a versatile tool that allows direct, personal communication with contacts.

It is cheaper than other options, even if it takes some time to recover your money.

We can consider it as a profitable and effective alternative for companies, as you can create targeted campaigns and use your databases for a long time.

Even more, if we use platforms such as Mailrelay, a free email marketing software that will allow you to maximize your investment, reducing costs to the maximum.

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