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Cookie policy

When using Mailrelay you should know that Mailrelay uses cookies, a cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer/smartphone or tablet and is used to store and retrieve information on the navigation performed on your computer.

Below you can see more information about cookies used by the Mailrelay website: website Cookies. These are strictly necessary, are important to control your user session, preferences and other details of the operation of the website. The website will not work properly or you may not access it if you don’t allow at least these cookies.

Analytical cookies

We use Google Analytics for information on certain aspects related to the visits to our website as the source, research, time spent on the website, most visited pages, etc. No personal information is included, only statistics regarding the use of the website that allow us to improve it.


We use several cookies to manage our advertising, it helps us to attract new customers, continue to grow and offer a quality service and a free account. The cookies we use are:

– DoubleClick (Google, Inc.). Which gives us information about ads that were displayed to a user, which of them were more effective if this user  is visiting our website through them.

– TradeTracker. Same as previous, but for TradeTracker company.

– Unbounce. It gives us information about the pages that were more successful in attracting new customers, so that we can use this page more often.

Anyway, whenever necessary, you can disable or reject these cookies on your browser, we will provide some links where you can see how to do this:


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