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Free email marketing for Blogs

The Mailrelay team is always working hard to improve our platform, so that it is versatile enough to adapt to the different needs of our customers.

Our system was designed to meet the needs of small businesses, large businesses, NGOs, as well as blogs.

Usually, bloggers work with e-mail marketing, since the majority of the posts are sent by email immediately after they are published or as a periodic summary.

Thus, it is possible to achieve a greater number of visits, as the users who have signed up will receive your email with information about the new post and can decide to visit your blog once more.

How Mailrelay can help you to create email marketing campaigns for your blog?

You have a wide range of options to use Mailrelay as the email marketing platform for your blog. To start, we offer you a large free account:

– 15.000 emails per month

– With a limit of 3.000 subscribers

The free account has no limit, nor any type of advertising, the free account is like the paid ones, but with a smaller volume per month.

Also, if you need a larger volume, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, in order to apply for a larger free account. By doing this, you can send up to 25.000 emails per month, with a limit of 5,000 subscribers.

This account offers a monthly volume sufficient to cover your blog’s initial needs.

Create your Mailrelay free account now and discover all its advantages!

The different options to integrate your blog with Mailrelay are:

1.- You can export your subscribers from your blog and import them into your Mailrelay platform, so that you can manage your email marketing campaigns directly on the Mailrelay panel.

2.- In case you have a blog created on WordPress or Joomla!, you can use our plugins to keep both platforms synchronized very easily.

3.- Through other email marketing plugins. Most of these plugins can be configured so that all the messages will be send using the Mailrelay SMTP. This way you will avoid the restrictions imposed by the hostings, as all of them do not allow you to send mass emails using the host’s IP. But with Mailrelay, you will use our dedicated IP ranges.

4.- Using our WordPress plugin. With it, you will never have to worry about remembering to manually send each published on your blog, as the plugin sends an automatic message for each new post.

With all these options, you will surely find all the versatility you need to manage your email marketing campaigns for your blog. Why not create a free account now and try this solution for yourself?

Management of subscribers on your blog

It is impossible to imagine an email marketing campaign without subscribers, therefore Mailrelay allows you to manage both opt-in and opt-out automatically.

Using your account, you can generate a subscription form that can be copied on your website to help you get new Subscribers effectively.

But if you’re already using a plugin to manage the opt-in of new subscribers on your mailing list, it is very likely that you can use this plugin with Mailrelay.

In addition to the subscription, Mailrelay also allows the management of opt-out, with up to three possible methods:

– Direct opt-out without confirmation.

– Opt-out with confirmation by web.

– Opt-out with confirmation by email.

Besides     these opt-out methods for users who wish to unsubscribe, Mailrelay offers several options for generating double opt-in mailing lists.

It is very important to maintain the quality of your databases and we have the necessary tools to help you.

Encourage subscription on your blog’s newsletter

Many bloggers use some kind of incentive to attract new subscribers; it is usually some type of PDF or ebook that the Subscriber can download after finishing the subscription process.

To work with this type of marketing strategy, you need to configure an autoresponder, or a system to automatically send these emails to the new subscribers. Unlike other email marketing solutions, with Mailrelay you will have at your disposal autoresponders in your free account, without any additional cost.

With these features it is already worth creating your free account to try our system.

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