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Email marketing for large companies

Email marketing platform

More than 12000 customers around the world are using our system to send their campaigns. The Mailrelay team is aware of the importance that the large companies give to email marketing. Usually, these companies send newsletters with promotions, information about new products or services, etc. It is a part of their advertising strategy, and is summed to other marketing actions, such as campaigns by correspondence, radio, television, for example. It is essential to coordinate these because none of them can fail actions, as none of them can fail.

The email marketing platform offered by Mailrelay uses its own infrastructure, with private servers, IP ranges, as well as technical and personalized support for all our customers. Our teams are on the alert at all times to ensure that whenever your company needs to send a campaign, you can do it.

Decrease your costs and increase your results thanks to our platform and our team of capable professionals. Just try to calculate the cost of our services compared with how much an infrastructure, private servers, and qualified personnel would cost for your Company. If you add to it the possible problems and incidents along the way, you will discover that you are taking advantage of a great opportunity to save a lot of money. It is not easy to create and maintain an infrastructure to work with email marketing, especially due to the fact that it must be fully configured and optimized.

We are very proud of the fact that we can offer a quality support to our clients; you will be able to see for yourself, that it is not just our opinion:

“The Mailrelay’s tool was the solution to solve the problem of our marketing system, and the service offered was good and fast. The Mailrelay team helps you in your own language, therefore facilitating the contact. Their customer relationship managers are very helpful and always connected.”
Victor Franco
IT Department
“This was the first time we hired a service of this type and everything has gone to our liking. No doubt we would repeat with Mailrelay, also given that we are newbie we really appreciate the assistance and advice mail relay has given us. We appreciate all the help provided.”
Delia Sanz
Head of Innovation
Placement Comunication
“The system is easy to use and the customer support manager we dealt with is always aware of everything to work properly. The panel is very easy to understand and anyone without high computer knowledge can use it. The html editor is also very easy to use. We have made many inquiries and received answers from the customer support team very quickly. The staff serving us helps us the most. We have always contacted the same consultant who has solved are our doubts immediately.”
Marta Gutierrez
Mailing Marketing Officer
FSM Group

Advanced features of Mailrelay email marketing

For small companies, Mailrelay offers a very important advantage with a free account and features such as a very easy to use editor with several templates to create beautiful newsletters, options to import your subscribers and advanced statistics.

But for more advanced needs, our customers value positively:

1.- The fact that we are the most economical solution on the market for large volume of messages, as you can check on our pricing section. You also can buy prepaid packages and use them as needed.

2.- The quality technical support that we provide and the fact that our teams always reply to your questions quickly. We do not outsource our technical support, it is offered by our own technical staff. They will guide you during all times while you create your email marketing campaigns. Therefore, the whole team that will assist you have a deep knowledge of the platform.

3.- Secure configuration of senders, validating them with double opt-in, thus improving the delivery rates of your mailings.

4.- You will be able to test the spam score of your newsletter before sending it with just one click.

5.- The automatic cleaning of your subscriber database, so that you don’t send messages to invalid addresses, incorrect or canceled accounts and spamtraps, through a shared database of bounced emails compiled over many years.

6.- the fact that we can ensure the delivery of your emails sent using our system, through the correct implementation of servers, software and the inclusion of our IPs in whitelists by important certifying organizations such as ISSIP.

As an added value of your Mailrelay account, you will be advised by a technical team with extensive experience in online marketing and especially in email marketing, that are always eager to help and assist you during all times.

Why can we guarantee the delivery of the emails sent using our solution?

There are many reasons for this, from the proper configuration of our servers, to the platform development, which was 100% created by our technical department. Therefore, the system is customizable, always using our own IP ranges to deliver your emails in the inbox of your customers.

The Mailrelay solution has its own IP ranges, which can be used to achieve a great delivery rate.

Furthermore, because our platform uses its own IP ranges, it was possible to reach agreements with Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, due to the fact that we complied with all the necessary requirements to send emails to their users.

Another important aspect of our work to achieve better delivery rates is the effort to obtain external certifications, for instance:



These certifications are essential to a better delivery rate to isps such as hotmail, Gmail, yahoo etc. By being certified by these organizations, we are one step ahead in achieving better delivery rates.

Create your free account and test our platform before taking the decision to increase the number of sent messages

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