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Mailrelay is the perfect platform for your small or medium business email marketing campaigns, as it offers a totally free service, allowing you to start your email marketing campaigns without any prior investment.

We are aware of the difficulty of creating profitable marketing strategies for small businesses, especially in email marketing, if your subscriber list is very small, profiting from it is more complex than in the case of large lists.

That’s why Mailrelay, email marketing can be your great ally and help your company, since we offer a free account with which you can send up to 15,000 emails per month, with a Limit of 3,000 subscribers. This free account is not just a demo account, much less a trial account, it is an account with the same features as the paid accounts and no expiration date or hidden advertising.

To take advantage of this free account, you just need to signup

Most email marketing tools offer trial accounts much smaller, or accounts that expire after a short period of time. We have full confidence in our system, so we do not limit its use or have a trial account with a very small limit.

Thanks to our experience, we know that with more than 3000 subscribers, you already can profit from your email marketing campaigns. Therefore, you already could pay for an email marketing account. But we want to make sure that you will be able to profit from your email marketing campaigns, so if you follow us on twitter and Facebook, we will increase your account limit to 25,000 emails per month, with a limit of 5000 subscribers, for free.

We are sure that our free account is the largest account available, What are you waiting for to creating yours?

If you’re still not convinced to use Mailrelay, email marketing, let us show you some of its most important features, because you will get more than just a free account.

With Mailrelay you can:

1.- You can import all your contacts generating a mailing list. You can import a csv file, or use any of our available plugins. We have plugins to sync your website with wordpress, joomla!, e-commerce with prestashop, magento, opencart, forums with vbulletin and basically with all the major platforms.

2.- You can easily create your newsletters, using an editor very similar to Microsoft Word, or if you prefer, using one of our templates with which you only will need to add the contents for the message.

3.- Once your newsletter is ready, you can send it immediately, or schedule it to send the campaign later, and then …

4.- Analyze the results of your campaign using the information on the number of views, clicks, geographical statistics, and much more. With all this information at your disposal, you can easily improve your campaigns and get great results.

5.- You can create subscription forms using your account and insert them into your web page to increase your mailing list effectively.

6.- In addition and equally free, your Mailrelay, email marketing account offers the possibility of setting up autoresponders, so that you can use a more advanced email marketing strategy.

Opinions of our clients

Many customers have left us their testimonials on social networks, small businesses like yours that started using Mailrelay to send their email marketing campaigns:


I’m starting to use @mailrelay for my #emailmarketing campaigns and it is a fantastic software!

Víctor Martín (@vmdeluxe)

I’m very surprised with the proper functioning of @mailrelay 10000 emails sent and no problem. Thank you for your services

Angel da Costa (@angeldacosta)

It is a great free tool for working with emailmarketing. Statistics, clicks, etc … Highly recommended:

Carlos Libreros (@monocals)

@mailrelay thank you, I’m testing and liked it, it’s what I needed!

Why work with email marketing campaigns?

Because it is one of the most effective forms of marketing online, keep in mind that today more than ever, most of us constantly check our emails, whether from a computer, notebook or mobile device. The ability to reach these customers is an opportunity you should not miss.

You will be able to select the best time of the day and create newsletters to send to a specific group of customers. Later on, after you send the campaign, you will be able to study the statistics and analyze the results. As in all online marketing strategies, measuring the results is the secret to improve.


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