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Free email campaigns for NGOs

In May 2013 we did a promotion targeted at NGOs around the world, so they could send mailings for free. Dozens of NGOs around the world benefited from this promotion at the time, such as:

Save the children

Breast Cancer Association

Among many others who participated in our promotion at that time. Today these NGOs continue enjoying our email marketing platform for free.

Do you wonder if this promotion is still available?

At first this deal ended in May, but after seeing the good reception given to the promotion and our intend to continue to be useful for NGOs around the world we have decided to keep the promotion indefinitely.

Whatever type of NGOs concerned or the country in which it does business, any NGO is eligible for our promotion.

If you are part of an NGO or know of any that can benefit from this promotion please mention it.

You can create a free account now and try Mailrelay without compromise.

How do I get Mailrelay‘s NGO account?

If you want an NGO account you have two options to achieve this:

1.- Contact us through our contact form and apply for the NGO account.

2.- Create a free account the usual way and after that ask us for a NGO account.

IMPORTANT: After we receive your NGO account application we will send you a questionnaire with some questions that will help us better evaluate your requirements and confirm that you represent an NGO.

As you see it’s very simple, but you have to keep in mind:

1.- In general the free account for NGOs must fulfill the conditions of use set forth in the Terms of Use.

2.- The NGO may send bulletins and newsletters themselves, in any case they will send bulletins or newsletters for a third party. Although these third parties are themselves other nonprofit entities.

3.- The NGO may send newsletters on the activities of the organization, in any case newsletters with commercial intention.

4.- There’s no monthly send limit. The NGO may use the volume it considers necessary for its activity.

5.- Initially the duration of the free promotional account is 12 months, after this period it will be reviewed for continuity.

6.- The size of each newsletter will be less than 100 KB, including images. If your newsletter occupies more than 100 kB, our system will account an additional email for each block of 100kB.

7.- The entity will receive technical assistance and advice for using the free account at no cost.

8.- The subscriber database used by the NGO should be confirmed and can not use purchased databases, downloaded or generated otherwise than with the consent of the subscribers.

9.- Mailrelay reserves the right to use the logo of the NGO in other promotions, banners, landing pages or any other form stating that the ONG has been a customer of Mailrelay or participated in their promotions.

Rules are very basic and easy to comply designed to ensure the quality of submissions. If your organization fulfills them create one free account and ask for your NGO account.

What do our clients think of our email marketing platform?

Many people are already using Mailrelay as email marketing platform, we leave here some opinions who have left us in social networks:

Humberto Villafuerte Alvarez
Mailrelay is an excellent service widely recommended for medium and small businesses as well as NGOs in the sending of newsletters and marketing platform, many of our clients are pleased with their services.

David Rosuero @davidrosuero
Impressive technical assistance via chat @mailrelay integrated into its platform, great #mailing

Enrique Contreras @encontrerasr
Magnificent #emailmarketing platform  A superb online support! #Recommended

The most noteworthy is the support we give to our customers, we recommend you to check for yourself.

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