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How to offer your email marketing services?

Improve the ROI of your customers through online email marketing


The Mailrelay team knows that email marketing is one of the best online marketing tools, that works very well together with other strategies, but what can you do to offer email marketing service for your customers?

Many small and medium companies, online stores, etc. Are unaware of the power of email marketing, they don’t know how to take advantage of this option  and rule out this alternative, before they even consider the option, by lack of knowledge.

However, they are aware

Of the cost of getting a new customer.

And most people agree that it is much more advantageous to keep existing customers than to get new ones. That is why, it is often more expensive to get new customers than convincing an old customer to purchase from you again.

Working with  email marketing with a powerful tool like Mailrelay, you can organize strategies such as:

  • Remarketing of other online marketing campaigns
  • Autoresponder Strategies (series of emails related) to build trust for the potential customers
  • Up-selling and cross-selling campaigns
  • Campaigns to contact current customers and encourage new purchases

Any of these tactics will encourage the optimization of online marketing campaigns for your clients, and are strategies which they will most likely understand. By explaining what you will do, and how it will be done will help to have a greater acceptance and understanding

Of course, having an effective tool with which you can get good  and measurable results, will help with something that all customers want:

“Knowing what is happening with their money”

Using Mailrelay you have some advantages:

  • A “very large” free account, with which you can send up to 75,000 emails per month and a limit of 15,000 subscribers.
  • Most small and medium enterprises will not need more than that to start, for a long time.
  • Free email marketing templates on your panel
  • Advanced Statistics and support for Google Analytics, with which you will have all the information needed to generate all kinds of reports your customers request.
  • You will have an expert in email marketing, you don’t have to be an expert.
  • Advanced tools such as RSS feeds, which will save you work. For example, if the site offers an RSS feed, you can schedule automate campaigns.

Especially if your client is already working with other online marketing strategies, when you include email marketing, it will result in a more effective strategy.

For example, if you are targeting traffic with AdWords to your website, most likely visitors will not do what you expect on the first visit. How can you attract this user back? If despite not purchasing from you, the user subscribes to your newsletter, you will have his email address, therefore you can work to establish a relationship with this visitor to convert him into a new customer. Each new email that the subscriber opens will be a new opportunity, to generate a new lead or to sell your products. [Recuadro]

Although email marketing is a tool that requires some time to work with, often an initial demonstration can convince the most reluctant customers of the effectiveness of this online marketing technique.

Besides which, with the Mailrelay free account you can better fit the costs of your email marketing service, and even offer some test without commitment.

There are many, many online stores that even with a mailing list of customers, don’t take advantage of this feature.

Create an account to your client on Mailrelay, and test our email marketing software without compromise:

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What can you do with the Mailrelay free account?

  1. Easily import your contacts from a CSV file, which allows you to import from any CMS (WordPress, Joomla!) Or commerce electronic platform (Prestashop, Magento)
  2. Cleaning automatically the databases when importing new contacts, to improve your sender score reputation
  3. Having a specialized consultant who will help in any possible way
  4. Working with free email marketing templates to prepare your campaign as soon as possible
  5. Send the newsletter and get several advanced reports

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“@mailrelay Undoubtedly one of the best email marketing platforms on the market. Don’t miss their blog with useful information.”


“It is an excellent free platform that doesn’t require much technical knowledge, I could solve a problem i had for years, for the amount of contacts o work with is the only platform I know that accepts to send for free for up to 15,000 contacts with 75,000 emails per month.”


“Hi, I want to thank the excellent service offered, the support is very attentive and always help when we need! I hope you can grow a lot, because we need you to help us grow as well !! Greetings from Argentina!”


“If you have any question mailrelay will help you very quickly, at any time, that is priceless”

Choose the best team and you can offer your email marketing services,  guaranteed to deliver results with a great profit margin.

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