About Mailrelay

Why are we so confident in our email marketing tool?

Mailrelay email marketing tool is a 100% proprietary development which gives us a clear advantage over the rest of the providers. It can be completely adapted to the the needs of each customer and be integrated with their CRMs and sites. It allow three different usage methods with each account: Through a powerful graphical tool, through a massive mailing with attached files and through standard SMTP.

Thanks to being a member of RIPE (we have full IP ranges with total control over them) we were able to sign collaboration agreements with Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc… and meet their severe policies enabling us to send newsletters to their users. Our engine is also optimized with certification systems and hosted in our own cloud for maximum stability and reliability. CPC is a company with 15 years of experience focused on giving the best services with the best customer support and added value.

Present and Future

Today we know we have the best email marketing tool with the best price.

We know we give the best customer service and support, our phone support is provided in-house.

We are the only provider capable of customizing our email marketing platform to meet the needs of each customer and in the future our aim is to be able to say the same.

Thanks to the improvements in previous years, we have customers all around the world. This year we will expand reaching all of South America, with local representatives, and independent customer care phone numbers and support in each country.

We have recently completed our first complete user interface makeover, taking advantage of the newest technologies such as AJAX, making it 100% compatible with MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This version also includes improved statistics, with visualization information, clickers, location, operative system etc.