Mailrelay's FAQ

Here you can find answers to the most common questions about Mailrelay.

What is Mailrelay?

Mailrelay is an advanced online email marketing platform, powerful and easy to use enough to be suitable to any kind of user or business. From small business, sending just a few hundred emails, to big corporations which send millions of emails each month.

Why do I need Mailrelay?

Most companies don’t have the resources nor the money to have and maintain their own high performance newsletter sending system. We offer that at a very low cost and with no implantation time since you only need an user and a password to start using it.

Can I send from my hotmail or yahoo account as sender address?

You can’t. You must have access to configure the domain’s DNS records to change the SPF configuration so your emails won’t be tagged as spam.

What is the difference between monthly plans and prepaid plans?

Monthly plans have a limitation in the amount of emails you can send each month and the number of different addresses you send to. The limits and payment are monthly and the contract has a duration of 12 months.

With prepaid plans you pay for a fixed amount of emails and you can spend it as you like during 12 months with no subscribers limit.

What are the differences between the Standard and Enterprise versions?

Mailrelay Enterprise also includes these advanced features:

· Visual statistics with visitor tracking, clicks, and bounces.
· Dynamic fields (custom newsletters).
· Sign-up forms for web integration.
· Custom domain.
· Tracking tokens in links.
· IPhone application.
· Contacts sync with Microsoft Windows.
· Development and integration API.

What limitations does the free plan have?

The free version of our service has a limit of 80000 emails per month and 20000 different email addresses.

Can I send emails of any size?

You can do it, but keep in mind that if your email occupies more than 100 kB, the system will account an email for each additional block of 100 kB.

If for example your emails occupies 250kB it will count as 3 emails for billing effects. Note that this is the total size of the email, including headers, text, subject and attachments.

Also, when attachments are sent they are converted to base64 format, so they occupy some 30% more than original size (

What happens if I consume all my monthly volume and I need to send more emails?

You can contact us and to upgrade to a bigger monthly plan or get a prepaid volume if its a one time need.

What happens if I consume my prepaid plan and I need to send more emails?

You can simply contact us and get a new prepaid volume.

Does Mailrelay detect and clean bounced and failed emails?

Yes. Our system automatically detects hard bounces and tags them as bounced so it won’t send any emails to those addresses in the future. In fact we have a shared data base of invalid addresses and those detected in the import process are tagged as bounced directly.

The firs time you send your newsletter Mailrelay will detect failed emails in your data base and tag them as bounced. In future newsletters the system will only send to active subscribers and bounced addresses won’t be send nor charged.

Does Mailrelay have their own DDBB?

No, we offer the platform to send and analyze the newsletters but we don’t offer email lists of any kind.

Can I send from different domains as origin?

You can send from the domain you choose as long as you own it or you have administrator access over their DNS records.

Why can’t I send massive mailing from my ADSL?

Regular email providers limit the amount of emails you can send a day and besides that sending a big amount of emails through an ADSL connection would take hours, maybe days because the upstream speed is very low.

Will I use my connection resources with Mailrelay?

If you send your newsletters from our online web panel al the emails are sent entirely from our servers. If you connect to our server through SMT you will use your Internet connection in the sending.

Do I need authorization from my subscribers?

Spanish legislation defines spam as any unsolicited email so you must have authorization from all of your subscribers to send them emails. In other countries. In other countries however, the laws are different.

Do you guarantee that I won’t be blocked in hotmail, yahoo, etc?

Neither us, nor any other company, can guarantee 100% input into a particular provider, it is something that only depends on them. The rules that filter spam email are personal to each vendor and are not public.

However, our platform is ready and designed to meet the provider requirements in terms of delivery speed, IP management, and many other factors that determine the entry or not of the emails. The most important thing for the user to enter all suppliers well is to have and maintain the subscriber list clean.

Why can’t I get a dedicated server to send mailings?

Being able to sen big amounts of emails in a short time and not have penetration problems is not only about a powerful server. It needs to have a powerful software inside and is has to be offer the necessary tools to make the sending process easy to use and be able to collect an analyze all the data from the recipients so you can know if the newsletter was useful and how to improve your future newsletters, and that’s what we offer and at a very competitive price.

In order for your mailings to reach your clients inbox it’s necessary to sign some agreements with Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail … so the mailings can meet their requirements and be adapted to their strict standards, also it is necessary to have ranges of IPs that can be switched in real time, balancing the mailings from one to another IP. These requirements can’t be meet with a dedicated server. If you sign for a dedicated server it is very likely that your IP will be blocked in your first mailing, leaving you with the contract for the dedicated server and unable to send more mailings. Summarizing, Mailrelay offers a system with maximum guarantee of getting to your clients inbox.

Can I use Mailrelay through SMTP?

Yes you can, but you have to keep in mind two things:

· The sending speed will be limited by your Internet connection.

· You won’t have access to our visual statistics because in this process the emails are sent directly and not pre-processed by our system.

How do I include unsubscribe links in newsletters?

In order to add the unsubscribe link, you can follow these steps:

How does the subscriber limit work?

This is a very common question, sometimes the account subscriber limit can be confused for a newsletter subscriber limit or group limit. It doesn’t work that way, in fact the limit represents a global limit, based on the account type you have. It doesn’t matter if you make smaller subscriber groups, or even delete the subscriber once the newsletter has been sent.

Let’s see an example, if your account had a limit of 5 subscribers, and you send a newsletter to the following subscribers:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

At this moment we have used 3 of 5 total subscribers. Let’s see another newsletter sending:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

The 3 first accounts have already been used in a previous sending, these don’t subtract to the limit (in any case they substract to the sendings limit, not the subscribers one), but as there are two new accounts [email protected] and [email protected] another 2 subscribers are used, now we have used all 5 subscribers. Now we can send newsletters to those accounts without problem, like the following:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

This will work, as we are keeping to our subscribers limit. But we can not do something like:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

As we would be subtracting subscribers to the limit, which is already 0, this would stop the newsletters.
IMPORTANT: deleting subscribers, making smaller groups and so on doesn’t affect the subscriber limit, as it only counts emails sent to different email accounts.

IMPORTANT: each month the limit is put to 0, so each month you have the opportunity to send emails to different accounts.

IMPORTANT: take a look to the menu “Statistics” -> “Packages statistics” in order to see a summary of used sends and subscribers.

How can I log into my account from the site?

This is another question we are asked from time to time, the answer is you only need to click on the login button of the top right corner. And there usually introduce your email so the form looks like:

Each user has a different url, but can always be found on the welcome email.

Can I use email addresses with accents, ñ or ç?

Whether you want to send your newsletter from an email address that contains these characters, or between the accounts of your target clients exist accounts that contain these characters, we must consider several things.

On the one hand we must understand that an email address is divided into two parts, separated by the @:

The domain name must correspond to an existing domain, and must comply with the rules for domain names.

These usually include letters, numbers, hyphens and periods (may exist domain names with ñ). You can find more information on the following link

The local part can use any of the following characters:

– Uppercase and lowercase characters from the English alphabet
– Numbers from 0 to 9
– The following characters !#$%&’*+-/=?^_`{|}~
– The dot character “.” (but not at the beginning or at the end of the local part, or repeated twice)
– Certain special characters “(),:;<>@[] with some restrictions

Note that the local part must comply with the provisions of the following:

– Latin Alphabet (with diacritics): Pelé
– Greek Alphabet
– Japanese Characters
– Cyrillic Characters

Might not work on all servers and mail clients.

For more information, visit the following article

How to setup a custom domain to access the panel and rename tracking links?

Usually to access your Mailrelay account, you must use a URL similar to this:

Where “yourdomain” is replaced by the domain name of your company. Thus, this way the ending “” is always added to your domain name. But it is possible to make some settings for you to access directly using your domain name, for example:

Or anything else you want in place of “newsletters”. If you want to make this change you will need to create a CNAME record in DNS for the subdomain you want. This must be done from the admin panel of your domain host, and must point to

Note that you must use a subdomain, pointing directly to the main domain could prevent your site to not work properly (if in doubt contact us before). For example, the following would NOT be correct: CNAME

While the following would be fine: CNAME

Once these settings are done you only have to add the new subdomain in the Mailrelay panel, in the menu “Settings” -> “Custom Domain”

NOTE: When you are about to create the CNAME record you must check that previously there was no subdomain with the same name.

That is, if when you want to create a CNAME record named, if it already exists, you must choose another subdomain name, or delete the existing one.

Can I buy the emails database from Mailrelay?

No, Mailrelay doesn’t offer or sell email databases. The client is responsible of creating his/her own email database.

What’s the maximum image size I can use in my newsletters?

The maximum size allowed is 2 MB. Usually, if you need more than that, it means your image is not properly optimized.

If that is not the case, please contact us for support.

Can I use autoresponders with the free account?

All Mailrelay accounts, either free or paid have the necessary functionality that allows you to create and manage autoresponders.

You can have more information about the Mailrelay autoresponder here:

Can I send automatic messages from an RSS feed?

Yes, all Mailrelay accounts, either free or paid have the option to send new contents from an RSS feed. Therefore, all Mailrelay users can easily automate this task.

You can find all the information on this article:

Can I import my subscriber list?

Of course, you can import your email list without trouble to your Mailrelay account. You can do it in several ways: