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Consultancy services for ESP systems

Mailrelay offers detection systems for detecting possible problems for the correct management of our platform with systems for automatic and continuous detection  to know if any IP was added to a blacklist, management and processing of Spam complaints with integration with providers, load balancing and bandwidth peaks for sending emails or when a user increases the delivery speed in the panel etc.

By default, this is managed by the software, but in certain situations you may need a more personalized support, for example, when you cannot allow your domain to be added to any blacklist because it can affect your corporate email account, or if you need, during a very important campaign to see if there is a problem and have at your disposal an operator to monitor and pause the campaign if a warning is detected.

For these cases, we can offer you our system administrators who can help you to manage the system, or offer you a customized solution with an infrastructure in case you need it. Professionals with over 20 years of experience, certified by the leaders in the IT industry as partners.

Consultancy system for  ESP-250 EUR/hour + VAT

It is important to note that in an emergency we can mobilize our team in less than an hour to start any task or integration 24 hours a day (a 50% fee  would apply).

Consultancy for email marketing services

Do you need a potential market study for your campaign or email marketing strategy? Do you want to know what your competitors are doing and what would work for you?

Would you like to maximize the results of your newsletters and landing pages with an adapted design for your campaign, according to your positioning and target profile?

If the answer is yes, we can help by offering the experience and training of our consultants in online marketing which have more than 35 years of experience in information technology and marketing, they studied in the most prestigious universities and business schools.

Please contact us to explain your project and needs and we can send you a customized proposal for an analysis of your current situation and present an email marketing strategy to improve your results.

Advanced consultancy for email marketing – 150 EUR/hour + VAT

IIn an emergency, we can mobilize our team in less than an hour to start any task or integration 24 hours a day (a 50% fee  would apply).

Development services and custom integration for Mailrelay

Mailrelay is a Spanish platform developed with 100% proprietary technology, allowing something very few ESP suppliers can offer:

We can make any custom changes to the platform requested by our customers.

It is an advantage that makes us one of the favorite email marketing provider of large companies.

In such cases, a discount may also apply, as Mailrelay could pay part of the cost of the service, as the improvement will be useful for  all users of our platform, and It can even be done 100% free.

Besides the development of services, we also offer our Development Department to integrate the email marketing platform in any CRM, web applications, e-commerce system, etc.

In these cases, the rates are cheaper because as it is an external change, it is not necessary to make alphas and betas tests that we would have to do if we were changing the features of our own software.

It is important to note that our Development Department has the training and the most prestigious certifications of the industry, which will ensure the best quality, both for the result and the methodology they will use to finish the job.

New features development for Mailrelay – 300 eur/hour + VAT

Service for Mailrelay integration with external systems – 300 EUR/hour + VAT 

In an emergency, we can mobilize our team in less than an hour to start any task or integration 24 hours a day (a 50% fee  would apply).

Newsletter design service and management tasks for the Mailrelay panel

The Mailrelay team always want you to make the most of our service and that your newsletters have the desired success.

We know that often, many companies only have the time or resources to plan the email marketing actions but not to work with the design of newsletters, to analyze the results, to use the necessary tools for targeting databases, etc.

Therefore, we offer a management service for the Mailrelay panel including for example the design of your newsletters by our email marketing experts, evaluation and analysis of statistics, management and targeting subscriber database, bounce review and generation of explanatory reports, etc. After sending a newsletter, you could also ask one of our experts to check the results and status of your sender email addresses and specific IPs, for instance, if they were added to RBLs or what is their current status, if you need a prior assessment before starting to send using our platform.

We hope this service will help you to start your email marketing project, outsourcing these tasks, with all the guarantees from our company.

Cost of template design or system management tasks – 100eurs/hour + VAT 

In an emergency, we can mobilize our team in less than an hour to start any task or integration 24 hours a day (a 50% fee  would apply).



Cost of template design or system management tasks100€/hour + VAT
New features development for Mailrelay300 €/hour + VAT
External integration of the platform with other systems150 €/hour +VAT
Consultancy services for ESP systems250 €/hour +VAT


Dedicated IP600 € / year
8 dedicated IPs3360 € / year
32 dedicated IPs7680 € / year
Change of assigned IP300 €


Study and custom changes in contractual conditions20% of the annual cost of the contract with a minimum of 500 €
Deferred payment in 30, 60 or 90 days12% of the invoice