Success stories

  • Mediaset Spain

    Mediaset Spain

    “Premier Casino controls all email communications effectively and practically without any manual interaction by using the SMTP server offered by Mailrelay and its certified IPs, a system suitable for up to 5 million emails per hour. “  Download –  Success story: Mediaset Spain Keywords Adjusted costs Solving problems with antispam Improving DNS settings About Mediaset…

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  • APMiB


    “The huge amount of time and the multiple staff members needed to send each donation certificate was reduced to only a few minutes and just one person, thanks to Mailrelay”. Download the PDF of the case study Highlights Automatically sends personalized attachments Service adapted specifically to the client’s platform Verification of successful delivery to each…

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  • Embassy of Uruguay in Mexico

    Embassy of Uruguay in Mexico

    “have con dence that the newsletters sent out by the Embassy will arrive to their recipients correctly and on time. Plus, the technical support is superb”. Download the PDF of the case study Highlights Statistics for improved sends Database segmentation Personalized service and easy use About the Embassy of Uruguay in Mexico The Embassy is…

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  • Megasur


    “We have always received fast and excellent service on technical questions and any problems we’ve had. We are very grateful for the personalized service that they’ve provided us and the effectiveness of the service”. Download the PDF of the case study Highlights Develop a tool to compare statistics Improve the deliverability of newsletters Effective segmentation…

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  • Tata Motors

    Tata Motors

    “We use the SmartHost service offered by Mailrelay, to avoid blocking our outgoing connections and we don’t have any problems, but we also managed to reduce our costs. With Mailrelay, our emails are sent promptly and safely. “ Download Success Story Tata Motors Keywords Sending emails via SMTP Providing a high-capacity service for managing more than…

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  • CSC, Grupo Sanidad

    CSC, Grupo Sanidad

    “We have to thank the help in preparing our newsletters offered by the customer Service Department. The system stands out for its features, cost and ease of use. For us, it has been a great benefit to have confidence that our newsletters will be delivered to each recipient, and it is also possible to know…

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  • Save the Children

    Save the Children

    “The main benefits offered by Mailrelay were flexibility and speed for our organization. Our goals were to have a fast, affordable and easy to use software, which would not affect our internal resources. “  Download –  Success story: Save the Children PDF Keywords Fully editable templates Statistics to improve the Database of donors, reduce spending…

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  • Iberocruceros


    “In addition to saving time and effort, we managed to improve our open rates in all our email marketing actions, and although it is always very difficult to assess causes and effects, we have noticed a substantial increase in the number of users who are booking our cruises. “  Download – Success story: IberoCruceros  IberoCruceros Keywords:…

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  • Asus


    “The biggest benefit is that we can increase the number of subscribers according to what the company needed. Another thing to highlight is the facility of creating a new campaign”.  Download-  Success story: Asus Keywords Less Bounces and more Views Adjusted Price Support About Asus The Asus name comes from the last four letters of…

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  • Cadena SER Euskadi

    Cadena SER Euskadi

    “is an easy and efficient tool that has helped us to save a lot of time and a huge amount of resources from our commercial and IT departments”. Download the PDF of the case study Highlights Sends with higher speed Tracks sent emails Eliminates burden on serverhange About Cadena SER Cadena Ser (Spanish acronym for…

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