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CSC, Grupo Sanidad


“We have to thank the help in preparing our newsletters offered by the customer Service Department. The system stands out for its features, cost and ease of use. For us, it has been a great benefit to have confidence that our newsletters will be delivered to each recipient, and it is also possible to know which emails were opened, how many bounced, etc. “

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  • Reliably, delivery of messages in the inbox
  • Personalized Support
  • Easy to use

About CSC, Grupo Sanidad

CSC is, in its own right, one of the largest multinational companies specialized in providing business solutions and technology  services, with over 98,000 employees and operating in 90 countries on five continents.

Specifically, in the health sector has a leading presence in the field of information technology applied to health, with more than 8,500 professionals in the CSC, all specialized in the development and implementation of innovative solutions for IT, offering a comprehensive and extensible system to any health care company.

It is therefore one of the main supplier of information technology solutions related to health, whose primary mission has been and will remain the work to deliver IT solutions that can promote an environment of cooperation between health professionals, thus putting the patient at the center of the process to achieve continuous quality improvement in offering business solutions.


One problem that CSC had when they contacted the Mailrelay sales department  was that before, they could not make sure that all newsletters were delivered to the inbox of each subscriber, so they needed a more robust and reliable software.

Therefore, one of the main requirements for our company was to have a system to ensure that our emails would be delivered correctly, and to know which email addresses no longer exist, (For various reasons), how many bounced, the real impact obtained with each newsletter and all the tools for tailoring campaigns quickly and dynamically.

At the same time, CSC was looking for a System easy to use, to compose and send newsletters based on templates that don’t show display problems when viewed on different devices (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

Actions taken

The Mailrelay staff worked especially with users who would create the newsletters, offering help so they would understand how the system works.

Therefore, CSC could start sending mass mailing with maximum guarantees, as usually this  requires an initial learning process that not all providers would be able to offer.

At the same time, Mailrelay offered technical support to help in everything possible to create templates, offering tips to improve their results. This is reflected in customer satisfaction, as explained by their marketing director: “The support received during all the steps, in our case, was very important, as Without the help of technical support I don’t know if it would be possible to complete the process. “


With Mailrelay and its statistical control system, CSC can have a reliable feedback to ensure that their newsletters are sent correctly. In addition, Mailrelay regularly sends campaigns thanks to the ease of use of the system, with the help of the Marketing and Support department, for when the users have any questions or problems.

“We need to thank the support offered by the company for the creation and configuration of our email marketing campaigns. They helped us in everything to make it possible to start sending our newsletters. The system stands out for its functionality, cost and ease of use.

The technical support, in our case, was very important, as Without the help of technical support I don’t know if it would be possible to create our newsletters properly. For us, it has been very important the fact that our newsletters will be delivered to our subscribers, and we can know which email addresses no longer  exist, how many emails bounced, etc., as well as offering a system to send templates without any display issues.”

Raquel Podadera,

Marketing and Communication director, CSC, Grupo Sanidad