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“Premier Casino controls all email communications effectively and practically without any manual interaction by using the SMTP server offered by Mailrelay and its certified IPs, a system suitable for up to 5 million emails per hour. “

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  • Adjusted costs
  • Solving problems with antispam
  • Improving DNS settings

About Mediaset Spain

Premier Casino Mediaset is the best casino for playing online in its facilities and on TV. All casino games offered allow the user to play live, with a similar  experience to what you would get if you were playing in the best casinos in the world. Premier is a brand of Mediaset Spain Communication  group born to propose a new entertainment concept where television and the Internet are merged and where the player is the main character. Premier has all the necessary authorizations, such as (DGOJ) offering games on television and the web, ensuring to its users transparency safety and reliability.

On TV, Premier Casino apply new techniques such as virtual scenario in real time, so the users can have an experience as real as possible when playing.


The main need for Premier Casino was to have a first class service at an affordable price, but without having to work with low quality IPs for their emails and all problems involving low cost providers (the most common case would be the temporary locking of sender domains and inclusion in blacklists or RBL).

At the same time, they needed to make sure that all users would receive the emails without any delays, so they could send emails to all customers, sending promotional messages and for the registration of new customers, who need to immediately receive the emails after they are registered.

Actions taken

The technical department of Mailrelay after studying the type of campaign the customer need to send, contacted the main email service providers, with which Mailrelay is a partner to make sure the customer’s reputation would be the highest possible, as the company is sending legitimate email campaigns. However, as most antispam filters will give a very negative reputation to emails on betting and gambling, it is necessary to have a very high delivery rate on the servers that will receive the newsletters (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) This action, along with high-quality IP and certificates that were configured for the customer, helped Premier Casino to have a very good sender score reputation, to be accepted by servers without any problem.

At the same time, Mailrelay offered a custom package to meet the customer needs, with all the necessary support for improving the reputation of the sender domain and ensure the correct delivery of the messages.


Premier Casino controls all email communications effectively and practically automatically using the SMTP virtual server offered by Mailrelay with certified IPs, an adequate system to send up to 5 million emails per hour.

This high speed SMTP server allows the company to deliver their messages in users inbox a few seconds after they register with the service, in addition to sending email marketing campaigns when necessary, with fully guaranteed delivery. Thanks to agreements that Mailrelay has with the major international ISPs, the campaigns have a very good reputation, with all the ISPs (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo !, etc.) and the delivery of messages related to online gambling services is not a problem.

“The support department has always met all our needs in a agile way, allowing users of our Casino to receive the information they need via email within the same day. It is difficult to work with email marketing without a technology partner with more than 10 years of experience, as is the case of Mailrelay. antispam filters are no longer a problem in our email campaigns, because we have high-quality IPs, excellent sender score reputation, and we can count on the support of a company such as Mailrelay.”

Marketing department Mediatech Solutions / Mediaset