“The biggest benefit is that we can increase the number of subscribers according to what the company needed. Another thing to highlight is the facility of creating a new campaign”.

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About Asus

The Asus name comes from the last four letters of Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology, symbol of inspiration and  artistic learning. Since its creation, in 1989,

Asus has grown to become the leader in technology and quality it is today, with revenues of more than 8 billion dollars and a brand value of 1,324 billion. Its tremendous growth is due to two main factors:. Its dedication to create new experiences and total dedication to quality

Thanks to the “total quality management Asus” introduced at all levels of the company, they are able to offer the most innovative models with the best quality and at an affordable price. They have received numerous awards as No. 1 in quality and innovation from The Wall Street Journal Asia, No. 1 in reliability by Rescuecom and Square Trade, and they were also awarded several design awards, such as: IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award.


The interest of Asus for Mailrelay was motivated by the fact that the company needed a service with the best delivery guarantees and at the same time which would be adapted to the available budget for email marketing.

Likewise, it was necessary to have an advanced technical  support department, so that it would be possible to solve all the questions on email marketing easily, as this would impact positively on the campaigns, which would  have better delivery rates, because the previous email marketing service provider could not meet the company’s expectations in these regards.

Asus also needed a software that could send all emails in minutes with advanced statistics.

Actions taken

The Mailrelay staff worked to add for Asus all settings to apply to their hosting service so as to improve the reputation of the campaigns for the major worldwide providers, so that these systems could fully trust the sender domain and all email marketing campaigns, so that now, their campaigns are no longer blocked. Furthermore, Mailrelay validatedall the email addresses  used by Asus, so that the company would not wast credits sending campaigns to thousands of subscribers whose email was no longer working, after the user registered for the notification service.

Mailrelay configured the sending system so that the proportion between speed and delivery rates were perfect, so that hundreds of thousands of emails could be delivered effectively every minute in the inboxes of the subscribers, before they started working with Mailrelay, this had not been possible.


Asus managed to improve the open rate of their email campaigns and also minimize the amount of bounces of certain emails, which always caused problems in communicating with customers. Now, with Mailrelay, Asus receives a very good service for its newsletters, at a much lower cost than they had before with the previous ESP, with statistics on what happened with each emails and can enjoy the tranquility of having a support with extensive experience in email marketing  campaigns, not only to solve problems when needed … but also to guide them so that  their campaigns can have better results. As indicated by the customer:

“The biggest benefit is that we can increase the number of subscribers according to what the company needed. Another thing to highlight is the facility of creating a new campaign, with the knowledge of having technical support in case of any problems or conflict. “

As a customer, I must emphasize the responsible and friendly manner of Mr. Noé, because if it were not for his insistence, perhaps we would not be here today using this platform. On the other hand, we like the fact that we can count on technical support at all times.

To indicate something that can be improved even more, it would be good if Mailrelay could change the way we manage subscribers, this is an aspect that can be improved and I think there are many ways to solve this problem, although we are aware that this is not a management system for databases, but an email marketing software.

Overall it is an excellent service and we will continue to use this email marketing platform.

Fabio Selvaggio,

Marketing Manager + Art Designer en Asus.