“We have always received fast and excellent service on technical questions and any problems we’ve had. We are very grateful for the personalized service that they’ve provided us and the effectiveness of the service”.

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  • Develop a tool to compare statistics
  • Improve the deliverability of newsletters
  • Effective segmentation in the subscriber databaseExchange

About Megasur

Megasur is one of the largest information systems wholesalers in Spain, located in Escuzar (Granada), with facilities of over 15,000 square meters. Its central office and warehouses offer the most advanced logistical solutions. The company also has a second headquarters in the center of Granada.

At its facilities, it works to provide optimized service to its clients, offering better material delivery times, purchasing features, personalized service and more flexibility with the operations customers face everyday. Its main objective is to offer excellent service to all its customers.

It is a leading company in Spain and Europe in the distribution, logistics and production of information systems products and consumer electronics thanks to its brand Pheonix Technologies ( It also offers a complete set of tools to serve its customers 24 hours a day through its website, where each customer can access its exact stock and price. It also has the Dynos information systems retail stores (


As is common with Mailrelay clients, their main aim was to have a reliable sending system to communicate with their subscribers and know with certainty that their communications would make to the recipient servers.

To reach this goal, they needed to optimize infrastructure configurations to improve level of penetration of sent messages and to ensure that they would be downloaded directly to recipient inboxes, avoiding spam false positives, which hurts the company’s image and the effectiveness of its communications.

They also wanted to have optimal management of what is the main asset of any email communication campaign, the database of customers and subscribers, something that is simple to achieve thanks to the contact management system included in Mailrelay’s sending system itself, where special attention is paid to bounced emails.

Actions taken

The first step was to resolve theexisting configuration problems, improving the penetration of its sends and as a result, obtaining better results beginning with Megasur’s very first send with Mailrelay.

They experienced improvements in how to interpret statistics generated from their sends and were able to easily compare them, which also helped them to direct their offers to users who truly showed interest in certain products as well as to easily segment their database.

They were able to establish a subscriber service policy in its newsletters from which to proceed properly in the case of requests from its large list of subscribers.

Using a new email send tool implies a small adaptation period, for which they received personalized and prompt service for all their technical questions, which minimized the adaptation time.


The final destination servers have come to have a higher rate of acceptance of newsletters sent from Megasur, which has improved the response received from each communication sent using the Mailrelay service.

Megasur, a company that is dedicated to continual employee development, now has qualified staff for email marketing thanks to the training received in infrastructure optimization, online marketing and massive email sending from Mailrelay’s support team.

Mailrelay has been the answer to everything we needed to make our newsletters effective and they even implemented improvements in our infrastructure based on our needs at no extra cost. We have always received fast and high quality service regarding our technical questions and problems that we’ve experienced. We are very grateful for the personalized service that they provide us and how effective our sends have become.”

Mari Cruz de la Torre,
Department of Web Programming of Megasur.