“The huge amount of time and the multiple staff members needed to send each donation certificate was reduced to only a few minutes and just one person, thanks to Mailrelay”.

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  • Automatically sends personalized attachments
  • Service adapted specifically to the client’s platform
  • Verification of successful delivery to each recipient
  • Messages with simple information

About APMiB

APMiB is a non-for-profit association, part of Aerolínea Iberia, whose purpose is to provide assistance, social integration and participation in the work force of handicapped individuals. It has more than 30 years’ experience in improving the quality of life of people suffering from some sort of handicap.

Thanks to its presence in several Spanish cities (Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Tenerife, and Las Palmas), they actively provide their services to more than 2,500 handicapped people per year and offer employment to 500 handicapped people through their special employment centers.

APMiB’s activities are divided into two main areas: employment and assistance. Its main tool for communicating with its members is email. For this reason, having access to a reliable tool such as Mailrelay allows them to increase the effectiveness of their communications.


Our main objective withusing Mailrelay’s massive emailing service was to not have to send emails manually.We don’t send mailings terribly often, but there is one difficult issue: we need each recipient to receive a personalized attached document.

Until we started using Mailrelay, we had to compose each email individually and it took hours to complete the process.

Actions taken

“ The need to send transactional emails required a personalized service able to create and include a unique file for each message to the flight crew of IBERIA who has donated to our organization.”

Each email includes a donation certificate to be presented with the person’s income tax return, which means that each sent message contains highly confidential information.

The communication between APMiB’s infrastructure and Mailrelay was completed with great success thanks to Mailrelay’s API as well as a controlled process of dynamic content generation.

The technical support offered by the Mailrelay’s technical staff meant that the time needed to integrate the API to our service was not long at all.


This personalized service helped us to save a huge amount of time composing emails and gave us the security of knowing that all and each one of the attachments arrive correctly at its legitimate destination, improving deliverability and avoiding possible human error.

As a result, errors generated by emails being created and sent manually have been eliminated and all recipients receive the email with the correct attachment.

Until we started using Mailrelay, the task required three people from the accounting department and three days to complete. Mailrelay has reduced the time to 15 minutes and requires only one person, freeing up the staff to complete other tasks and improve the organization’s productivity.

“With Mailrelay, sending massive mailings is no longer a complex job for our organization and it is much easier to communicate with our donors. We have improved the deliverability of our sends by 200%, ensuring that the delivery is made to the inbox just a few moments after messages are sent from Mailrelay (less than 15 minutes). We canconfirm without doubt that all the messages arrive at their destination, which is vital to our communication with donors. I have tried several different products but none can beat the price of Mailrelay and they don’t even come close to its technical service,which takes care of any problems instantly.”

Pablo Cruz,
Systems and new technology analyst at APMiB