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Cadena SER Euskadi


“is an easy and efficient tool that has helped us to save a lot of time and a huge amount of resources from our commercial and IT departments”.

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  • Sends with higher speed
  • Tracks sent emails
  • Eliminates burden on serverhange

About Cadena SER

Cadena Ser (Spanish acronym for “Spanish Radio Broadcasting Corporation”) began operating on October 5, 1924, making it the oldest radio chain with the greatest number of listeners in Spain (in the most recent General Media Study, it had 4,624 listeners).

It belongs to Grupo Prisa, specifically to its radio division, Prisa Radio. Listeners can tune into its programming through DAB, FM and AM throughout Spain. This radio broadcasting chain offers a wide variety of programming, many of which have become classic radio shows at the national level, such as “Hoy por hoy” with Pepa Bueno Gemma Miegra (Monday through Friday from 6am to 12:20pm), “La Ventana” with Carles Francino (Monday through Friday from 4pm to 8pm), “Hora 25” with Angels Barceló (Monday through Friday from 8pm to midnight and Sundays from 11pm to midnight), “El Larguero” with José Ramón De la Morena (Monday through Sunday from midnight to 1am) and “Mileno 3” with Iker Jiménez (Saturdays from 1:30am-4am).


The Cadena Ser Euskadi team entrusted their massive mailings to Mailrelay with clear objectives: to ensure that all their emails were sent quickly (using a tracking number for each email sent) and to eliminate the burden on their current infrastructure, given that the limitations of using a conventional hosting service to send massive mailings made sending times incomparable to the rate offered by the Mailrelay platform, which when necessary can send up to 4,000,000 messages per hour (*).

Another objective was to move away from using Outlook and Cadena Ser’s Exchange server, since this infrastructure does not allow the user to see what happens with emails once they are sent (if they reached their recipients, if they are opened, situation map, etc.).

(*) Mailrelay offers this option to all its clients after studying their sending needs.

Actions taken

Mailrelay understands how important massive mailings are to their clients and especially to Cadena Ser Euskadi, which sends out mailings regularly and requires timely communication in order to promote their events. For this reason, steps were taken to increase the penetration of their mailings, provide access to mailing statistics take advantage of all the technical tools necessary to improve how to interpret and respond to the statistics.

Our technical support service contacted them to clear up all confusion and help them use the platform.


Just as we expected, we have improved our way of sending mailings in two ways, the first and most important, speed. We don’t have to dedicate a whole computer just to send emails or take up whole morning or afternoon to complete the process. We used to send emails to our clients one by one (combining fields), which consumed an enormous amount of resources in infrastructure as well as staff.

And secondly, without a doubt, knowing what happens with the emails once they are sent to our clients’ inboxes. This gives us total control at all times over the results we get with each sent message and we are able to analyze each action independently and correctly.

Mailrelay is an easy and efficient tool that has saved us a lot of time and internal IT and commercial resources that we used to have to consume. It allows us to adapt predesigned templates to our corporate style and we can send mailings with personalized fields instantly. It has helped us with our client relationships.”

Gorka Miguélez Carranza,
Head of Analysis and Regional Commercial Development of Euskadi.