The features you need for an effective email marketing

Biggest free email marketing account

Mailrelay’s free account will let you send up to 80.000 monthly emails, and upload up to 20.000 contacts. Mailrelay will never include its logo or links you didn’t add to your newsletters.

Very easy to use drag and drop editor

Each Mailrelay account comes with a very easy and potent newsletter editor, that helps you create nice looking emails that convert.

Create and manage senders

After creating your Mailrelay account you will be able to create and manage several senders so each newsletter can be sent from any of them.

Configure SPF, DKIM and more

In order to have an enhanced deliverability you really need to configure some DNS records in your sender domain. Like SPF and DKIM. Mailrelay supports this feature.

Quickly create subscription forms

If you need more subscribers, more leads, and you sure do, then you can create subscription forms and paste them on your website. Update them from Mailrelay whenever you need without needing to edit your site.

Personalize your emails as you like

Add your contacts name to your newsletters. Or anyother information that you have available. Even you can show parts of your message “if” a value is present in your contacts information.

Fine tune your mailings with the right segmentation

Your Mailrelay account includes a powerful segmentation engine so you can fine tune your mailings to the right contacts.

A/B testing even in free accounts

If you have a critical mailing to send. One that you really, but really, need that works out. Then use our A/B testing feature to try different subjects or senders. Then test them.

Automatize your RSS newsletters

Reduce your workload hugely using our RSS newsletter feature. You only need to connect your RSS feed, prepare your newsletter once, and you’re all set.

Great looking statistics

It’s not only about sending emails, but knowing what are you really getting from them. That’s why even our free accounts include a powerful set of statistics for each one of your mailings.

Configure pinpoint user access

In case that you need to work in teams, and each one of these teams needs a different level of permissions, then you can configure all that you need in Mailrelay

Automated email bounce control

Forget about taking care of errors, unsubscribers and so on. Mailrelay will take care of all those small but time consuming tasks.

Dedicated and quick support

Every Mailrelay account has access to quick and helpful support. Via chat, email or phone. If you have any doubt about the system, just get into your account and use the “Support” menu.

Development API include

For bigger projects, or when an integration is needed, you have the option to use our development API to connect other systems to Mailrelay easily.

Virtual SMTP server available

As with other features, the virtual SMTP server is included in all Maillrelay accounts. A powerfull high speed SMTP server which can even generate full statistics (opens, clicks …)