“We use the SmartHost service offered by Mailrelay, to avoid blocking our outgoing connections and we don’t have any problems, but we also managed to reduce our costs. With Mailrelay, our emails are sent promptly and safely. “

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  • Sending emails via SMTP
  • Providing a high-capacity service for managing more than 300 accounts

About Tata Motors

Tata Motors is part of the Tata group, which consists of more than 90 companies from different sectors: telecommunications,  engineering, energy, etc.

It has a strong presence in more than 80 countries on six continents. During the last fiscal year, 2011-2012, Tata Motors increased its global sales in about 2,500 million dollars and it sold nearly one million vehicles worldwide. These figures position Tata Motors among the most important five automakers worldwide, esafpecially ter the recent acquisition of two global brands such as Jaguar and Land Rover.

Tata Motors contacted Mailrelay due to the need to find a SMTP SmartHost service for the management of more than 300 corporate email accounts, without any delay when sending messages, although it should be noted that this type of use is not an isolated case.


The main task for which we use Mailrelay is to provide an SMTP service that can support all email addresses used by Tata Motors without making significant operational changes. The limitations imposed by our former provider meant that our emails could not be delivered correctly to the inbox of our customers.

We use Mailrelay as an SMTP server so that all employees of Tata Motors in Spain can send their emails, unlike the vast majority of the users of this platform who work with the system for creating email campaigns and promotional newsletters.

We started  to use the SmartHost service offered by Mailrelay to avoid blocking our outgoing connections and we don’t have any problems, but we also managed to reduce our costs.

Actions taken

Tata Motors and its more than 300 email accounts were placed in our servers to use our system, as it costs much cheaper than what they would pay for a dedicated server.  As Mailrelay manages its own IPs (as the company is a RIPE member), Mailrelay has the competitive advantage of having full control over  the IPs used by Tata Motors to send their emails and the software can make technical changes, if there are any blocked IPs.  Ensuring that messages are delivered smoothly and providing fast service, by its highly qualified staff.


The security of knowing that our communications are housed in a high technical performance data center and that Mailrelay provides fast support, usually in less than an hour, allow us to connect with our customers and suppliers in a really efficiently way.

At the same time, all the security measures available in this service (SSL connections, DKIM key, etc.) allow us to be sure our messages will be sent.

To be honest, I don’t know which companies can offer this type of email service, but what I am sure of is that working with Mailrelay has been a success and this software easily meets the expectations and needs of our company.

” With Mailrelay, our emails are sent correctly and safely. Typical problems that occur when working with low cost providers that usually don’t allow more than 100 emails per hour and limit the number of simultaneous connections, something that doesn’t cover the needs of Tata Motors.

The poor support service offered by our old provider left much to be desired, it didn’t help our employees, so sometimes we would have to wait for several days to receive answers to our questions, but all this was solved when we started working with the Mailrelay SmartHost service that provides instant support. “

Javier Meca,

Javier Meca, Head of IT department  Tata Motors Spain