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Embassy of Uruguay in Mexico


“have con dence that the newsletters sent out by the Embassy will arrive to their recipients correctly and on time. Plus, the technical support is superb”.

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  • Statistics for improved sends
  • Database segmentation
  • Personalized service and easy use

About the Embassy of Uruguay in Mexico

The Embassy is a point of reference for all Uruguayans living in Mexico, as well as for those who live in Uruguay, where Uruguayan citizens go to take care of official business. It is also an organization that establishes permanent foreign relations in both countries.

On its o… cial website, the Embassy of Uruguay in Mexico di†fferent types of information about its country that help users who access it from Uruguay or any part of the world.

It also provides the contact information of the main authorities and governmental entities to solve problems that may arise such as lost passports, diplomatic matters, etc.


Aware of the importance ofmaintaining contact with the Uruguayan community in Mexico, the Embassy directors use Mailrelay as an email sending system.

With an updated database with few problems, the Embassy’s main concern was to be able to identify subscribers’ emails that are no longer operative as well as to have a tool that would allow them to segment their database, send more e† ective communications, and avoid anti-spam filters.

They also wanted to ensure that their communication would be successfully delivered to their compatriots’ mail servers.

Actions taken

At Mailrelay, aware of the fact that the Embassy’s emails were frequently tagged as SPAM with their previous sending service, despite the fact that they had a high-quality contact database, we contacted major ISPs to notify them of this fact got them an agreement with their anti-spam filters, improving their reputation with the incoming servers and helping their messages to arrive easily in their subscribers’ inboxes.

The system of bounced email monitoring available with Mailrelay can identify non-valid email addresses, whether they are be a permanent or temporary bounce. To do this, we have a system that numerically identifies the reason for the bounce, differentiating between temporary bounces (4.xx) and permanent bounces (referred to with the label 5.xx). It also properly handles synchronous and asynchronous bounces, which is a great help to optimize the database with little e† ort from Embassy technicians.

Similarly, we gave them several recommendations to optimize their infrastructure for sending massive mailings and we provided them with customized service at all times.


Wi th Mailrelay, the deliverability of our electronic communications has improved and we have achieved a reliable channel of  communication with our compatriots. All those interested receive ’ uid communication and maintain in contact with Uruguay even from abroad.

By substituting the previous sending service with Mailrelay, we are able to send communications autonomously, keep our database in optimal conditions and easily segment the sends.

Mailrelay has helped us to keep in contact with the Uruguayan community in Mexico. We have simplified the system of information for civic and cultural events, increasing the number of people who receive the emails in a short amount of time. We can now ensure that all the newsletters sent out by the Embassy will arrive at their destinations quickly. Plus, the system of technical support is superb.”

Dr. Carlos Barañano,
Director of the Embassy of Uruguay in Mexico