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Emailing marketing solution

Free Account

If you want to try Mailrelay without any obligation or restriction, you can use a free account to send up to 15.000 emails every month, with the possibility of sending for up to 3.000 subscribers. In addition you can further increase this account.



Mailrelay is an affordable solution with prices to suit your budget and you can also start using a free account, to dramatically reduce your costs in email marketing.

Accounts for NGOs

If you belong to an NGO, or know of any that would be interested in using an email marketing solution, Mailrelay offers totally free accounts to help NGOs from all over the world.


No Advertisement

Even the free accounts do not have advertisements included, not even a logo or a link in the footer, nothing. Your newsletters will be send exactly as you design the messages, without adding any advertising.


Technical support

Even the free accounts have specialized and personalized support. Available by email, chat and phone, ensuring that you can use your Mailrelay account at all times, answering any questions that may arise.


Simple HTML editor

Easy to use, thanks to an interface similar to known editors, such as WordPress, Joomla! or other CMS, it is easy to design your emails and check the SPAM score of your newsletters. With our predefined templates and the easy to use editor, you don’t have to know how to work with HTML.

Free Templates

On your Mailrelay account, you will find a variety of templates to help you when you want to create a newsletter. We offer custom templates, general or basic templates specially designed for those who are starting to create email marketing campaigns.

Subscription forms

Increase your database of subscribers thanks to the subscription form available on your Mailrelay panel. Copy it and place it on your website, so that any new visitor to your website may become a new subscriber.


Schedule your campaigns

Besides sending your newsletters immediately, you can also schedule the campaigns to send the messages on the day and time you prefer. Ensuring therefore that your email marketing campaigns are delivered, so that your subscribers receive the emails in the best possible time.



Automate your email marketing by using our autoresponders. This feature is available even on free accounts. It allows you to send multiple emails in sequence for your new subscribers, But you also can send an email prior to a birthday or a predefined date, so that you can send emails with special products or promotions at key moments.


API for developers

There are several ways for you to send your campaigns. You can send using our online interface, or via SMTP. However, you can also send your email marketing campaigns with our API for developers. You can use Mailrelay with your own application, with all the features that are available in the panel.


Certified solution

Mailrelay received several certifications to further increase the guarantees of delivering the emails in the inbox of your subscribers.


Automatic control of bounces

Your Mailrelay account automatically manages bounced emails, incorrect emails and opt-outs. So you do not need to do anything to keep clean your database, Mailrelay handles everything, saving you time and money.


Automatic management of Opt-outs

You can include a link in all your newsletters to facilitate the unsubscribe process without having to do anything manually. The options are varied, direct opt-out, opt-out with confirmation by email or confirmation on a web page.

Advanced Statistics

After sending your email marketing campaigns, you can analyze the result thanks to advanced statistics. With information of open rates, clicks, which subscriber opened your emails, in which links they clicked, their city, browser, email client, operating system etc. An indispensable tool for the creation of effective marketing campaigns

High-performance SMTP server

Each Mailrelay account includes a dedicated virtual SMTP server. This makes it very easy to continue using your current system, sending your emails with Mailrelay transparently.

A solution with its own IP ranges

Thanks to being a member of RIPE, we have our own IP ranges, with full control over them, we were able to sign collaboration agreements with Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Our solution meets their severe policies enabling us to send newsletters to their users.


RSS campaigns

Another tool available in Mailrelay, the option to send your emails from an RSS feed can save a lot of work. Select an RSS feed, such as a blog created using WordPress, configure the frequency of the messages and the system is ready to start sending them. From that moment, whenever you update your blog (or any other feed RSS), the software will send a newsletter automatically at the time you set.

Google Analytics

If you prefer, you can automate the inclusion of Google Analytics tags on all links of your newsletter, this way you will have even more information, funnels of convertion and all the details that Google Analytics offers about your email marketing campaign.

Synchronization plugins

If you have a website in WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop etc.
Mailrelay has synchronization plugins allowing you to export all the contacts available of your website or online store to your Mailrelay account.


Statistics for campaigns sent using the SMTP server

In addition to a powerful SMTP server that you can use to send your mailings, you can configure your newsletters sent via SMTP to offer statistics. Thus you can continue using your preferred software, but sending through Mailrelay and also getting statistics for these emails.


Advanced Filter for subscribers

The segmentation of your database is indispensable to optimize the results of your email marketing campaign. Mailrelay offers a tool to segment your database of subscribers based on the interaction with your newsletters (views and clicks).


A/B Testing

Another advanced feature you will find in Mailrelay. This tool allows you to test various aspects of your newsletters using a small segment of your subscribers. After reviewing the test, you can send the newsletter with the best results to all your subscribers. See more details here “New feature for your emailings A/B Testing