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CPC (Cost per click)

What is cost per click (CPC)?

Cost per click (CPC) refers to campaigns whose cost is calculated in proportion to the number of clicks generated by the ad. In other words, you only pay when the visitor clicks on the ad or banner.

It is widely used, with CPC being the model used to buy keywords in Google Ads. When you search for information on Google, or any other search engine, the paid results are displayed in the top positions and these advertisers only pay if users click on the ad.

It’s a very valuable format for obtaining precise results, which is why it’s recommended for getting more traffic to a website. And since the campaign budget is consumed based on the number of clicks the ad receives, this method makes these campaigns manageable even for beginners in digital marketing.

The formula for calculating CPC is simple:

Total campaign cost / number of clicks = CPC.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of CPC

The main advantage of cost per click (CPC) is that it’s an easy metric to manage, even without much experience (with experience, you can get more out of it, of course).

The disadvantage of CPC is that the total number of clicks doesn’t take into account whether the same user has clicked several times on the same ad/campaign, which could increase the price of the advertising.

2. How to improve CPC in Google Ads

Improving the cost per click in Google Ads is essential for the campaign to be profitable and the ROI to be as good as possible, so you can use these tips:

– With lower bids: the lower the bid for a keyword, the more control you’ll have over spending.

– Creating more relevant ads: adding keywords from the ad group in the title and description and using multiple landing pages can help Google Ads improve the relevance of your ad.

– Try using keyword variations: instead of bidding on a keyword with a lot of competition, find long tail keywords to optimize clicks and spend less.

– It would be better to manage themed ad groups: Google Ads is driven by relevance, so create lists of themed keywords and ad groups to increase relevance.

– Use different match types: by using different match types, you can get a better CPC in many cases.