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Domain authority (DA)

Domain Authority (DA) What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority, also known as DA, is a numerical indicator that measures the relevance of a domain in relation to others and ranges from 0 to 100.

The higher this number, the more authority the domain has, the more likely it is that Google will display the content published on that domain in the first organic search results.

1. Google PageRank

The concept of domain authority emerged with Google’s PageRank, which assigns a value from 0 to 10 according to Google’s own search engine criteria.

PageRank is a logarithmic scale, so increasing a site’s PageRank is very complicated and Google doesn’t reveal what you need to do to increase it.

PageRank used to be the most popular/reliable metric for measuring website authority, but Google no longer discloses PageRank data, although it is still taken into account in its search results.

2. Moz and Domain Authority (DA)

Google doesn’t publish PageRank, which is why Moz (an SEO analysis tool) has become the most popular reference for checking a domain’s DA. Moz uses a scale of 1 to 100 to give a domain’s authority.

3. improving domain authority (DA)

Here are some of the elements you need to take into account to improve your [Autoridad de dominio (DA)]() website’s Da:

  • Create a responsive website (adapted to mobile devices).
  • Improve the site’s usability.
  • Take advantage of Linkbuilding to get quality links.
  • Take advantage of Guest Posting.
  • Avoid broken links and 404 errors on your site.
  • Publish quality content.
  • Use social media to improve SEO.
  • Work with Onpage SEO.