Mailrelay to conquer the email marketing industry with an ambitious free offer

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Mailrelay is offering up to 80 000 emails per month to a database of 20 000 subscribers for free, with all the features available in the Enterprise version, with one of the most powerful tool on the market. An ambitious offer, that is revolutionizing this industry, where the free options never offer more than 5 000 emails and the service always has several restrictions.

Mailrelay is out to conquer the email marketing industry and makes a grand entrance with an ambitious free offer, the goal is to convince users of the excellent services offered by the company. This solution for sending mass emails with numerous success stories in companies of all sizes and praised for its customer service, seeks to increase its presence in the
Spanish market.

To benefit from this promo, customers only have to follow Mailrelay on their official social profiles: Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and notify the company by any of those social networks or their contact form.

Mailrelay wants to continue bringing email marketing solutions closer to companies of all sizes, so that these companies can use the offered service in a comfortable and unrestricted way.

With a long history of success stories and White List certified, the company is using this strategy, as Mailrelay is confident on the quality of provided services and the high percentage of positive feedbacks received from customers.

About Mailrelay

Mailrelay is a new email marketing platform developed in Spain that is expanding internationally and focused on an outstanding customer support.

Among its customers we can find CSC, Telecinco / Mediaset, Gerblé, Save the Children, Tata Motors,, Aldeas Infantiles SOS and many more.

“… About Mailrelay I can’t say anything but thanks. They treated me like a VIP customer when I was using only a free account.” 


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