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Brevo (Sendinblue)

Email marketing tool

Brevo is a multifaceted digital marketing platform that facilitates effective and personalized communication with customers through various channels.

Including email and SMS.

Throughout this detailed post, we will explore the various dimensions of Brevo (Sendinblue), its features and how it integrates with email and SMS marketing strategies.

Origins and evolution of Brevo (Sendinblue)

Brevo was created as Sendinblue, a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to optimize and expand their online presence through effective digital marketing strategies.

Since its creation, the platform has evolved tremendously, incorporating innovative features that have made it an option to consider within the digital marketing space.

Initially, Brevo focused its attention on email marketing, but over time, it expanded its focus to include a variety of other options such as SMS marketing, live chat, and more.

All with the same tool.

Its comprehensive approach allows companies to centralize many of their marketing initiatives, making it easy to manage and track multiple campaigns through a single platform.

Key features of Brevo

Let’s review some of the most interesting ones.

Marketing Automation

Brevo has proven to be a powerful tool when it comes to automating marketing strategies.

Users can set up a number of actions and triggers to personalize interactions with their customers, thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns.

Email marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of Brevo’s strengths.

The platform enables the creation of personalized email campaigns with easy-to-use tools that require no technical skills.

In addition, it offers detailed analytics that help users monitor the performance of their email campaigns.

SMS marketing

Brevo also offers tools for SMS marketing.

This feature allows companies to send text messages directly to customers’ cell phones.

This represents an effective strategy for promoting special offers and keeping customers informed about important news and updates.

CRM Integrated

Brevo’s integrated CRM facilitates customer relationship management.

Helping companies keep an organized record of all their interactions with customers and design more effective marketing strategies based on historical data and customer preferences.

Landing page editor

Creating engaging and effective landing pages is easy with Brevo.

Businesses can use the landing page designer to create web pages that are optimized to convert visitors into customers.

Alternative to Brevo, Mailrelay

Mailrelay is an email marketing tool that offers unique features that can be the perfect alternative to Brevo in certain circumstances.

Maximizing email delivery rate

Mailrelay stands out for its high rate of email delivery, ensuring messages reach recipients’ inboxes directly.

Mailrelay can help businesses further optimize their email marketing campaigns, ensuring each message has the best possible impact.

Advanced personalization

Mailrelay enables advanced personalization of email campaigns, making it easy to create messages that resonate with each audience segment.


All in all, Brevo emerges as a powerful and flexible solution that can serve as the backbone of a wide range of digital marketing strategies.

With its wide range of features, from marketing automation to SMS and email marketing.