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Category killer

What is Category killer?

A category killer, also known as “commercial category killer”, is generally a medium or large commercial area specialized in the sale of articles from the same category, with a very large variety of products at very attractive prices.

1. Advantages of category killers

Category killers offer a series of advantages to their customers, among which wi could highlight the following ones:

– Large product catalog: in its sector, the category killer usually offers the largest possible number of products in its inventory and this doesn’t escape the customer who, aware of this variety, internalizes it as a catalog, which they will always consult before making a purchase.

– Very large facilities (superstores): most of these establishments are located on the outskirts of large urban centers with many roots that will help customers to get to the store; they also offer parking for many vehicles.

– Attractive offers and loyalty: due to their sales volume, they are in a position to negotiate low prices with their suppliers and pass them on to their customers. Likewise, they usually have loyalty systems such as cards, so customers can accumulate discounts.

– Multichannel systems: they allow online purchase, but the customer can collect the product in one of the shops, not only to save shipping costs for the customer but also to generate new sales opportunities.

– Added services: category killers are surrounded by value-added elements for customers such as home delivery, installation, configuration, assembly, after-sales services, etc.

2. Drawbacks of category killers

The most widespread disadvantage of category killers is that, due to their extensive specialized offer, they tend to negatively affect small local businesses in the same sector. Similarly, these disadvantages are also relevant:

– Most workers don’t stay in the company for a long time. Salaries are usually low, which leads to a very high change of personnel, and this often makes it difficult to receive proper advice in the store, as most workers are not familiar with the products they are selling.

– Pollution. Given its location, outside urban centers, most people will have to go to the store by car, which contributes to increase environmental pollution.