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What is a GIF?

GIF is an acronym for “Graphics Interchange Format“.

It was created in 1987 by Compuserve and became one of the most popular image formats on the web.

Unlike static images, GIF can be used to display animations, which means it can show a short series of images in a sequence.

This is useful for creating a motion illusion.

Popularity of GIF in digital marketing

But why has this image format become such a popular tool in the marketing world?

The answer is simple: the movement captures attention.

In a digital panorama where content is consumed quickly and where there is fierce competition for the user’s attention, GIFs stand out as a dynamic visual tool.

In addition, GIFs are versatile.

They can be humorous, informative or simply eye-catching.

This versatility allows brands to connect with their audience in many ways, making it laugh, teaching them something new or simply attracting their attention with an attractive design.

Gif in email marketing

GIFs can play a crucial role in email marketing.

Imagine opening an email and being received by an animated GIF that shows a new product in action or features a special promotion in an impressive series of images.

This not only improves user interaction with emails, but can also increase clicks and conversions.

By incorporating GIFs into your email marketing campaigns, you are adding an interactive element that can be much more attractive than a simple static image.

However, don’t overdo it: an email full of gifs can be very difficult to read.

Also, emails may not display correctly on all devices.

They can also divert the reader’s attention from the message you want to send.

Therefore, it is essential to use them in moderation.

GIF and SMS Marketing

Just as GIF found its place in email marketing, it also began to be used in SMS Marketing campaigns.

Although space in text messages is limited and GIFs are not always the most practical option.

Mainly due to restrictions on size and compatibility.

Even so, some modern messaging platforms are beginning to allow GIF integration.

This can add a touch of creativity and dynamism to promotional text messages.


To conclude, GIF, this animated image format that has existed for decades, found a special place in the heart of digital marketing experts.

Through its ability to capture attention and convey information in a concise and visual way, it proved to be a valuable tool for brands that seek to stand out in a saturated digital world.

If you are exploring email marketing strategies, sms marketing.

Or simply looking for ways to make your content on social media or more interactive websites, GIF is a feature you should not ignore.

But, like everything in the marketing field, the key is in moderation.

And you also need to ensure that any tool or technique you use is aligned with your brand’s voice, values and goals.

With strategic and creative use, GIF can be the perfect ally in your digital campaigns.

So don’t be afraid to test and see how this animated format can bring your content to life!