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Marketing qualified leads

One of the key marketing concepts is “Marketing Qualified Leads” or MQLs.

Let’s take a look at the meaning behind this terminology.

What is an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)?

In the sales funnel, an MQL refers to a lead who has shown significant interest in our products or services.

But they are not yet ready to receive a direct sales approach.

In other words, they have passed the stage of being just a spectator or casual visitor and are now seriously considering what your company has to offer.

However, they still need more information or interaction before becoming a sales prospect.

The difference between MQL and other leads

To fully understand the concept of MQL, it’s useful to differentiate it from other related terms:

  • Simple leads: these are individuals who have shown a basic interest, perhaps by leaving their details on a form, but have not yet shown a deep interest in the product or service.
  • SQL (Sales Qualified Lead): This is the next stage after the MQL. An SQL is a lead that has been assessed and is considered ready for the sales process. Here, the chances of conversion are significantly higher.

How to identify an MQL?

The precise identification of an MQL can vary according to the company and sector, but there are some common indicators:

  • Frequent interaction with the website.
  • Downloading specific content, such as ebooks, guides or webinars.
  • Active participation in webinars or online events.
  • Opening and clicking on email marketing campaigns.

By evaluating these and other factors, the marketing team can determine which leads have the potential to become customers.

MQL and Email Marketing

Email marketing plays an essential role in the lead nurturing process.

Once an MQL has been identified, email campaigns can be customized to meet their specific needs, interests and frequently asked questions.

In this way, the lead is nurtured and progresses through the sales funnel.

For example, if an MQL has shown interest in a specific product, detailed information, testimonials or case studies relating to that product can be sent to them.

MQL and SMS Marketing

Similarly, SMS marketing can be a valuable tool at the MQL stage.

Through short, direct messages, you can keep the lead informed about special offers, event reminders or provide exclusive content.

The advantage of SMS marketing lies in its immediacy, which can be especially useful for companies with faster decision-making processes.

Converting an MQL into an SQL

The ultimate goal of identifying and nurturing an MQL is to guide it towards becoming an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead).

Some strategies that can help with this transition include:

  • Precise segmentation: make sure that the content you send to the MQL will be relevant to their needs and interests.
  • Personalized interaction: whether through personalized emails, sms marketing or phone calls, direct, human interaction can make the difference.
  • Special offers: a discount or a limited offer can be the push an MQL needs to make a decision.


Understanding the difference between a simple lead and an MQL is key to maximizing the efficiency of our strategies and resources.

By correctly identifying MQLs, we can focus our efforts on the leads that have more potential for conversion, thus optimizing ROI.