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SERP (Search engine results page)

What is SERP?

SERP, an acronym for Search Engine Results Page, are the ordered pages of results that a search engine returns when users search for a specific keyword. That is, the list of results in order of relevance, the order and ranking of the results are directly related to SEO and SEM.

If, for example, someone tells you that for the query “email marketing” you have a result in the second SERP, they want to indicate that they managed to rank the page on the second page of results for that keyword.

1. Elements of a SERP

As Google is the predominant search engine, let’s take as an example the elements or areas that we will generally find in a SERP offered by Google.

Although, the SERPs are in a phase of constant evolution and improve their way of presenting the results on a continuous basis.

These elements vary depending on the search term and are added to the conventional plain text, where a title, a short description and a small URL are displayed.

  • Videos. YouTube results are embedded to display video information for certain searches that have relevant results on YouTube.
  • Images. You have image results at the top of the search, only for when multiple images were considered as relevant by the system.
  • News. When you search for a keyword related to a current event, you will see results from trusted news portals.
  • Mapes. Of great interest for local searches in Google places where, next to the results, it adds a google maps box and ranks local results (related to the searched keywords).
  • Google Shopping. The product showcase with images for Google stores allows stores to display products and promotions related to the keyword that the user has searched for.
  • Featured Snippet. They are nothing more than “pieces” of information that serve as a direct response to the search intention, so that the user can find the information without having to visit another website.
  • Instant responses. Generally at the top of the page, these results are displayed to answer very specific questions directly.
  • Knowledge graph or knowledge panel. They are the featured pieces that are generally placed in a column at the top of the SERP to provide basic and very useful content on a very particular topic.
  • Related searches. Here we can see other related keywords users are searching for.