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What is social ads?

Social ads is nothing more than paid advertising on social media platforms. Whenever a company is preparing its social media marketing plan and setting its strategy, it is faced with the possibility of working with organic publications (adding content to its profiles for free) or with social ads (paid advertising content).

Social ads, therefore, would be all publications on social networks that are promoted (paid) with the intention of reaching an audience larger than the current followers.

1. Social ads platforms

There are many platforms for working with social ads, here are the most relevant ones. As new social networks are created, new applications are designed to manage ads in these platforms:

  • Facebook Ads. It offers an excellent interface for the creation and management of campaigns, as well as multiple filtering options and formats to promote products and services.
  • Instagram Ads. Instagram and Facebook share the same platform for social ads, so it is very easy to create campaigns that complement each other in both social networks.
  • LinkedIn Ads. It is the right solution for those who want to reach professionals and the B2B sector. It allows segmentation between profiles and companies, as well as multiple campaign modalities.
  • Pinterest Ads. Through the geolocation of users who use the Pinterest network, it is possible to generate what would be geolocated ads based on the locations that are most interesting to us.
  • Snapchat Ads. Although Snapchat is not too popular, for the moment, creating social ads on this social media platform could be a good option depending on the country you are targeting and the users you want to reach.
  • TikTok Ads. It offers an interesting conversion rate and has the potential for reaching younger generations, such as generation Z or centennials.
  • Twitter Ads. Twitter has lost popularity but its social ads platform is really good, and allows you to create campaigns with a wide variety of conversion goals.
  • YouTube Ads. It is the ideal place to promote through videos and with a format very similar to TV commercials, among other options.

2. Advantages of Social ads

An advertising social media campaign is a fantastic option for reaching our target audience and creating a community of followers interested in the products or services we are offering.

That said, let’s see in a little more detail the main benefits of social ads:

  • Rapid increase in visibility / brand awareness. Reaching users organically is very complicated and it is a long process, the algorithms make sure that this is the case. Therefore, running social ads campaigns allows you to shorten the time and gain visibility.
  • More control over your budget. Creating a campaign is easy and you can control the money you spend, so these solutions are suitable for all types of companies regardless of their budget, social ads serves for small and medium enterprises to large multinationals.
  • Many available formats. They offer formats for all designs, from simple text ad campaigns to images, videos and interactive content with forms. Leaving room for creativity and surprise the user.
  • They offer detailed metrics. Advertisers have a wealth of information about the reach and performance of their campaigns in real time and can make decisions based on it immediately.
  • It gets you in front of your target audience. If you know which social media platforms your target audience is on, social ads bring you closer to your target audience directly and allow you to deliver your message to them.
  • It offers a very good return on investment (ROI). You only pay based on user clicks and, as a general rule, the cost per click on most social ad platforms is usually low. And if you work on creating relevant ads, the price per click will be reduced.
  • They allow remarketing. Social ads platforms allow you to generate remarketing actions, therefore you could show your ads again to users who have reacted to a previous campaign, improving the probability of conversions.
  • Very detailed segmentation. The segmentation possibilities offered are very broad, since social networks have a large amount of information about their users and this allows us to target ads with precision.