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What is tracking?

The word tracking is a concept widely used in the digital marketing field to measure user behavior in advertising campaigns, for monitoring visits to web pages and in email marketing.

1. What is tracking for?

You can use tracking tools to monitor the steps users are taking through the customer journey. This helps us to understand how users behave and opens up the possibility of improving future campaigns.

Tracking is vital for online stores and when mass mailings are being sent, as it offers very interesting data on user behavior in the ecommerce and when receiving an email marketing campaign.

At the same time, it allows us to identify opportunities for improvement, facilitates decision making based on objective parameters, and leads us to design more efficient strategies (ROI improvement). And it is vital in any A/B test to compare results between two variants of the same element.

2. Example of tracking

Let’s suppose that we are going to send a mailing campaign for the customers of an online hypermarket, for this we design a newsletter where we include three different sections: electronics, home and automobile. And we create an eye-catching subject line.

In each of the sections we included two offers at a low price and sent the email campaign to 10,000 customers.

After 24 hours we check the statistics of the campaign and we see that it offers us very interesting data: We see that a total of 6,000 people have viewed the newsletter, so the subject line was successful.

In the same way, the links related to the electronics products received 3,000 clicks, while the other two categories received 1000 and 500 clicks respectively. With this data we are in a position to know that our audience is mostly interested in electronic devices and very little in household products.

But not only that, we can create a group with the 3,000 subscribers who have shown interest in electronic devices and when we create a new campaign for promoting only electronic products, we could send it only to that segment, so the conversion rate will increase a lot.

In the same way, on your website, you can keep track of those who, arriving from the links added to the promotional email, have purchased and get interesting data such as the average ticket, and the conversion rate obtained for each of the KPIs that you have defined.