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What are widgets?

Widgets are small programs whose main purpose is to facilitate access to the information of an application, without having to open it. The software is in use, in parallel, on the graphical interface of the operating system on which it is installed, whether it is: a computer, cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, GPS navigator, ETC.

It is common that some widgets allow you to perform actions on the applications from which they take data with only a few clicks, as these system will display data in real time.

Practically all of us make use of widgets, such as widgets that allow us to check the weather (weather data for our location or others) on our mobile devices and personal computers.

1. Types of widgets

There are different types of widgets, but the most common ones are:

  • Mobile widgets. These are the ones used in mobile devices to show information in a more visual and interactive formate.
  • Desktop widgets. These are the tools used on computers to increase the number of available features or to facilitate access to certain functions of other applications already installed.
  • Widgets installed on websites. These are additional applications that can be added to a website with the aim of extending its functionalities or facilitating access to existing ones.

2. Features of widgets

It is important to understand that a widget will usually offer only a few options, but the main features available on widgets are:

  • Facilitate the completion of common tasks.
  • To show information that is easy to read.
  • They are very easy to use.
  • They offer easy setting option for any type of user.
  • Convert complex data into easily assimilated information.
  • They are unobtrusive.
  • They can foster user loyalty and generate recommendations.