We launched a new mega free account for bloggers, for personal usage

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We are really glad and proud to tell you that we have a new mega account, which is totally free, for all bloggers, with up to 600,000 emails per month, with a limit of 120,000 subscribers.

Applicable to any blog, no matter what kind of topic you write about, for instance, fitness, cooking, DIY, marketing, any subject.

You’ll never have to worry about blocked campaigns on your blog (or spending money on paid packages) we are sure this promo will be perfect for you, if you are a blogger and need an email marketing platform.

Stop having to worry about what to do when you get to the subscriber limit.

Up to now, this was a difficult moment, you had to think:

  • Should I switch to another email marketing platform?
  • Reduce the frequency of campaigns?
  • Choose which subscribers to send my newsletters?

Stop worrying about the cost of your email marketing campaigns, now and in the future.

With this account, you don’t have to worry about which package is the best option for you. Develop your personal brand with Mailrelay

IMPORTANT: This account requires no advertising, nor it is mandatory that you add advertising or banners related to Mailrelay on your blog.

Why a specific free email marketing account for bloggers?

Well, from the beginning, on Mailrelay the relationship with bloggers has been very good.

Our staff is always concerned in finding the best possible ways to develop a system that meets your needs, but is also effective and not expensive.

Most bloggers usually help us by testing the new features, they help us to improve the system and suggest new changes and updates. With this information, we know what needs to be changed, therefore they give us important information that will benefit all users, therefore the software is always being improved. Usually, bloggers are always testing things, some of them even create tutorials with our features, sending us information and feedback, with  useful suggestions for all of us.

[For example, soon we will apply the new engagement meter for subscribers]

Not forgetting how much they help us to spread our brand and the number of bloggers who post articles about our email marketing software.

Many bloggers recommend us on their blogs and conferences.

And it helps us a lot.

This new account is our way to say thank you to all bloggers that publish information about our software.

Why this email marketing account is not valid for all companies?

Unfortunately this is absolutely impossible!

But while we’d love to be able to offer this account to other campaign types, this is not possible.

It is important that you understand that most personal blogs are created by lovers of a type of topic, writing content about something they like and in most cases with no or very little financial compensation, so most bloggers have many difficulties to keep their blogs active.

We are glad and thank all our users for their trust and all that they do to help us, that is why we created the largest free email marketing account you can find.

And in the future there will be more surprises.

Be patient, this is just another step.

Even if you’re not a blogger and therefore can’t benefit from this promotion, you will have other indirect benefits because it will help us to grow and further improve the system, creating a software with even more features.

What are the requirements if you want to request this mega free account?

The truth is that they are quite simple:

1) It must be a personal blog , and not be a blog created for a company (It is available only for personal blogs).

2) You can only send emails directly related to your own blog, you are not allowed to send information on other contents or to promote your customer or partner’s products or any other email, this mega account can’t be used to promote third parties service of products.

3) You can only work with subscriber lists generated on the blog (opt-in form), any spam complaints will result in the cancellation of the service and you will not have the mega account for bloggers if we see you are working with other mailing lists.

And nothing more.

Seriously, nothing more.

It is a mega promotion, without any  expiration date.

Harness the power of your email marketing campaigns and come to grow your blog with us.

Contact us and request your mega account for bloggers today.

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