How can you create a newsletter to sell more?

Micheli , Invited guest @ Mailrelay

A newsletter is a marketing and communication tool that allows us to inform and maintain contact with our customers and subscribers.

What is the basis or explanation of the success of this type of strategy? Why are newsletters so important for companies of all sizes?

The reasons are multiple:

· 1) Almost everyone has an email, so you can keep in touch with your subscribers

· 2) Creating and sending a newsletter is very simple and is something that can be done quickly

· 3) It is possible to obtain statistical data from the campaigns

·  4) It is a very cheap means of communication

However, only these aspects do not justify the immense and decisive success of marketing campaigns.

So, what is happening?

The answer is that newsletters help you to sell more.


It is possible to sell through your newsletters.

· What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a printed or electronic communication tool used to offer up-to-date information about a specific topic to an interested audience.

Newsletters can be used by organizations, companies or individuals to share news, updates, advice and other relevant information with your followers or customers.

In general, newsletters are designed to be regularly delivered, daily, weekly, monthly or at other regular intervals.

· Advantages of creating a newsletter

Keep the public informed:

Newsletters are a fantastic way to maintain your followers or customers informed about the latest news, updates and trends of a specific niche.

They foster the loyalty of your audience:

Providing valuable and relevant information constantly, newsletters can help promote the loyalty of your subscribers and keep them committed to the brand or niche.

Increase brand awareness:

By regularly sending a newsletter to your subscribers, you will be able to maintain the name and image of the brand in people’s minds, which can help increase brand awareness.

Generate sales opportunities:

Newsletters may also include promotions and offers that can help generate sales opportunities and promote traffic to the brand’s website.

Newsletters can offer a feedback platform:

Newsletters may include a section with comments and readers’ questions, so this could be a valuable platform to get feedback and foster public participation.

El boletín informativo como herramienta de comunicación

· Newsletters as a communication tool

In most cases, newsletters are used only as an informative bulletin; to keep customers and subscribers up to date on the news from the company or industry.

Most companies send information about news, offers, changes in products, or news and articles of interest.

Therefore, it is a way of maintaining communication with contacts and make sure they will receive any important information, such as:

► News and changes in the service

Imagine that your company will change the price of a product that you are planning to launch a new service or will change the terms of use.

Instead of doing that by surprise, you could send a newsletter to warn your customers about the changes. This way, they will be prepared and can make the best decision; You should always be honest and maintain your customers informed about any changes in the products or services you are offering.

►  Office hours and holidays

Another frequent use of newsletters is when you have to send information about changes in business hours or other relevant information for your customers.

Although it is true that today there are many means to inform customers about changes in business hours, such as the website or Google My business page, the truth is that there will be many customers who will never look for this information until they need it, that is, at the very moment when they want to contact the customer service. It is best to avoid uncomfortable situations or dissatisfied customers. Therefore, you should always send a newsletter before making any changes in your business hours.


In this case, your goal is to try to sell, but the newsletter can also be considered as informative. If you are offering a special discount, your customers will want to know about it.

If you don’t notify your current customers about offers and discounts, Two things could happen:

1) You lose sales that you could have obtained with a single action.

2) Your current customers may think that the discounts are only for new clients. That is, new customers have  better deals and access to offers and discounts they are not receiving.

For both situations, it is very important to notify all your customers about offers and promotions.

A newsletter sent at the right time can prevent your customers from having this feeling, so they won’t believe they are less important than new customers.

►  Company Information

What is the advantage of having a differential if no one knows about it?

Almost none.

Therefore, it is necessary to disclose this information; both the differentials of your product as the corporate culture.

Take into account that when you compete with products that are very similar to yours, any differentiating element helps your Product to stand out from your competitors.

This helps you to sell more.

► Informações sobre os produtos

In addition to information about the company in general, it is interesting to also send newsletters with information about your products or services.

Not just to highlight the differentiating elements but to work with different strategies:

  • You can work with up-selling
  • And cross-selling.

It’s another way to increase your sales through newsletters

El boletín informativo como herramienta de aumento de la interacción

· The newsletter as a tool to increase interaction

Newsletters as a tool to increase interaction

Many of the actions we saw, besides serving as a means of communication with customers will also generate traffic to the company’s website.

This traffic is very positive for increasing visibility, It is vital to your SEO strategy And it also helps to sell more

All this traffic you drive to the website will take your customers to a more friendly environment, which will help to improve your sales.

A place where you can include:

  • More related products
  • Much more information than in an email, both in quantity and in variety (Videos, texts, etc.)
  • There are more contact means (forms, phone, etc.)

Therefore, it is a more conducive environment to foster your sales.

This is why it is so important to send a newsletter with the goal of directing traffic to your site.

La forma más efectiva en que los boletines informativos ayudan a vender

· The most effective way in which informative bulletins help to sell

One more reason to create a newsletter and improve your sales

There is an even more relevant, subtle, but effective reason that you should consider.

You just need to look at what you usually do regularly

When you have to buy a product or pay for a new service, from where do you start analyzing between different options?

Most of the time, you think first of the brands that:

  • You already know from previous purchases
  • Or when you recently have seen some advertising of this brand.

In most cases, this is how we started the search for alternatives between options we already know.

And often, the thing ends there; We buy directly from a company, we already know.

Why risk time and money if there is a known solution?

One of the best advantages of newsletters is that they help you win the trust of customers gradually with each email you send.

This is not relevant just to keep the brand in the minds of your subscribers, but it also helps to foster their trust in the products or services you are promoting.

After all, what brand would you trust the most? One that usually sends constantly useful information?

Which regularly sends messages about changes and news.

Which has been shown to be reliable and regular.

Or in another brand that you had not seen for years, or that you don’t even know about.

I think the answer is quite clear, right?

This is why newsletters are so useful for selling.

Translated by Micheli.

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