5 persuasion techniques you need to use in your content


Using persuasion techniques is not a necessity, but an obligation if you want your online business to succeed. Also, if you don’t use these strategies, you will never succeed on the internet.

Certainly, if you have a little experience in creating an online business, you’ve already noticed that making money is not easy.

It is not enough to have a presence on the Internet. Neither is enough to have a good flow of visitors to your site.

Users know that you exist, that you offer value and that your content is of quality. Also, they say this daily to you through comments on your blog, social networks and even by e-mail.

But you know that although these words are beautiful and motivating they are not enough for these people to become potential customers.

To get your first sales, you had to hire a copywriter for your business to start growing.

You are really happy with his services because whenever he publishes on your website, as if by magic something extraordinary happens:

Your sales increase, the mailing list starts growing and even your profiles become more influential.

In fact, every time you try to do the same as the copywriter, you can’t get the same results.

And to be honest, you’d like to get the same results because although the copywriter helps you get many benefits, you want to make more money.

In addition, you consider yourself a daring person and want to achieve things for yourself, but instead, it looks like you can’t get good results when writing texts for your site and this is frustrating for you.

Basically because you ask yourself:

  • Why does he get results and I don’t?
  • Why his email marketing strategy works flawlessly, but when I send email campaigns, I can’t get conversions?
  • Why even when I try to apply SEO techniques in content, I can’t position my website and a professional can always do this?

All of these questions and some more that I have not specified, you are asking yourself day after day, month after month, year after year, right?

What? Do they come from another dimension and have an hidden ability, so they are capable of seducing your entire audience effortlessly?

Curiously, this is not true.

They don’t come from another dimension or have extra-sensory powers capable of convincing readers that your business is the best option for them.

What’s more, you can get exactly the same results. This is not a joke, it is an absolute truth.

But then what is the real difference between you and a copywriter? It doesn’t make sense to say this Jony, if I can’t get the same results!.

My answer is this: do you know how to write well? So you can get exactly the same results.

The only difference between you and a copywriter is that while you write content that you think might be good, a professional uses persuasion techniques for creating the texts.

They are not based on what they think is good for your audience, but a professional will know what your reader needs. And the number 1 rule  for writing successful content is to know your ideal buyer.

If you don’t know your ideal customer, how do you want to get sales? Sorry but I had to ask it.

You probably think so, but if this were true, would you have to hire a professional to create content for you? Copywriting is not just about writing beautiful words. In fact, maybe this is not enough.

Copywriting is a really extraordinary way of working, because it breaks almost all the standard rules in the field of online marketing.

Sometimes, everything is simpler than it seems. And actually, simplicity is the key, although this may seem like a paradox.

If you know how to use persuasion techniques, you can get the same results, but in all probability they will be better.

Why? Well, basically, because even though you still don’t know your customer, you know the essence of your business perfectly. And this, for practical purposes, can make all the difference.

Remember that a copywriter needs to study your niche to find your ideal customer, something you don’t have to do.

So what persuasion techniques can be used in your content creation strategy?

Well, truth be told, there are many.

There are so many that simply to specify each of them, it would be necessary to write an entire book.

But don’t worry. You don’t need to know each of these techniques to start selling on the Internet.

All you need to know is what to do, or rather, what techniques you can use at all times.

For example, it is not the same thing to write a post and a sales page, or a message on social networks is not the same as writing an email to your subscribers.

You need to plan and know what to do.

5 Persuasion Techniques to Help You Sell More

Since it is possible to apply different persuasive techniques for getting more sales on the Internet, I consider it appropriate and necessary to explain the ones that work best.

This doesn’t mean that these persuasion techniques will work 100% in all cases, because in online marketing, there is nothing pre-set, but at least they can help you plan the strategies you want to use.

Would you like to know these techniques? In this case, let’s start:

1-.Don’t write to yourself, write to your readers

In fact, this is not a technique in itself, but it will help so that from now on you can better apply the persuasive techniques, both in the texts of your website, blog, or email marketing strategy.

One of the most common mistakes made by many bloggers or webmasters is that in general and against all odds, the content is written for themselves.

Of course, users always try to deliver meaningful content to their subscribers, but in reality, this is not always done, do you want to See why?

I’ll give you an example so you can understand it more clearly.

Imagine you have a website with articles on jeans and one day, to change and offer something different, you decide to write a post about shoes. Do you think you are adding value? No.

The explanation is simple: your audience wants information about jeans, not about shoes.

It is true that it has to do with the subject because after all, this article talks about fashion, but your audience is looking for information about shoes or jeans? The answer is very clear.

Now if you wrote a post like “Types of shoes you can wear with your favorite jeans”, in this case, you would be adding value, because you would continue to address the main theme of your site.

Most bloggers and webmasters will end up making this mistake. If you don’t believe me, take a look at different websites and you will see that this is true.

So, try to focus on your specialty and your  subscribers will thank you and, in all likelihood, you will get more sales.

2.Commitment-based technique

A common mistake is to promise something that you will not be able to fulfill in the future. This can certainly negatively affect your credibility and many users may decide to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

In addition, this can affect your online reputation. And this, in the end, can be fatal to your business.

If you promise something, you must keep what you promised. If you don’t fulfill your own commitments, why do you think  your visitors should be faithful to you?

Thanks to the commitment you demonstrate, you can apply different techniques, among the most prominent, the so-called “foot in the door technique”.

This technique is based on the promotion of a product or service that the user can purchase without the need to invest a lot of money.

By demonstrating that everything you said is true, you can expand your strategy, offering better benefits and higher prices without this affecting your strategy.

As you can see, commitment is everything. Don’t disappoint your visitors, try to create expectation and improve the lives of others.

3. Scarcity technique

The technique of scarcity is one of the most effective at the moment.

Everyone needs something, without exception. In fact, when we are searching for information on the internet, it is because we need something and companies which can give us what we are looking for, are the ones we will purchase from.

This is one aspect that you should always keep in mind, to offer your products or services in the most appropriate way.

And considering this, you can apply various techniques such as these:

Strong betting technique

This technique is to show your visitors that the product or service that you offer is usually not available on most companies, but that you can offer it.

If users agree with you, many will contact you to get more information and prices of your products or services.

With this, you can eliminate the competition and have more possibilities to increase your sales.

Deadline technique

This technique is to explain to users that your offer is limited and that in case the user doesn’t purchase the product, he will face two scenarios:

  • The product will not be for sale when he needs it later
  • That when the promotion ends, the product will be more expensive

This encourages people to make quick decisions because they know that if they don’t make the decision by the deadline, it will not be possible to take advantage of lower prices. This is a very used strategy in professional email campaigns.

4.Authority-based technique

There’s nothing like being an industry benchmark to increase sales exponentially.

Being a reference implies authority. And authority gives credibility.

It is true that this technique can’t be applied when other people don’t know you, because it doesn’t make sense. You must first prove to your visitors you are an expert in your industry.

By the time you become an influencer, you can apply this technique. You can also use many other techniques, as when this happens everything will be much easier, for a very simple reason, your readers will trust you.

Definitely your word is powerful and will make a difference. All the world will consider your suggestions and this will ultimately be reflected in new sales.

A clear example is Dean Romero. In the past, he wrote a post where he explained how he earned 4,000 eurs using persuasive writing techniques in affiliate campaigns.

Dean Romero has been considered as a benchmark in the area of SEO for spanish users and as a result, every time this user offers a product related to web positioning, sales will skyrocket.

I think that better example than this to explain the technique based on authority, is not necessary. And if you think you have other examples, leave your comment on this post.

5.Technique of sympathy or physical attractiveness

Sympathy in a person is important. And physical attractiveness is also important. Of course, both don’t have to be related.

A person can be very nice and have no physical attractions and vice versa; although it is true that if you meet these conditions you will have better chances of getting more subscribers and more customers.

Sympathy helps make other people connect with you and with what you are offering. You have a special charisma and can captivate your readers.

On the other hand Who doesn’t like a good physique? Most of us.

Let’s be honest and agree that these days, how you look really matters. If it was not so, what would be the reason for us to  try to always improve our appearance to take photos?

Having a good physical appearance and friendliness can help increase sales because you will seduce your readers.

This is a truth that we cannot deny and that within the possible, it must be explored. Of course the most important thing is what you can offer to your visitors, however if you can add to this sympathy and good physical appearance, much better.


It has become clear that persuasion is necessary to increase sales for your company.

In life, we always try to seduce others at all times, regardless of the fact that we want to make friends, win the loved one or sell a product.

Marketing is present in our lives, whether at work or at our personal relationships. So, make sure to use these techniques so that you can be even more successful.

What other persuasion techniques would apply to your content?

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