4 Design Tips to Make Your Emails Stand Out From the Inbox Clutter

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Creating email marketing campaigns that stand out and grab email recipients’ attention is becoming increasingly challenging. People’s inboxes are full of messages; in fact, a study has shown that a person sends and receives 121 business emails during the day. Therefore businesses need not only need to create high-quality email copy but also maintain excellent email design that will increase engagement as well.

In the article, we will dive into the advantages that outstanding email design can deliver and also suggest tactics that can be helpful for effectively designing your email.

Definition, types of email design, and its main benefits

First, let’s fully discover what email design is. Simply put, it is a series of actions designing and creating an email that is visually appealing, easy to consume, and relevant to email recipients’ needs.

There are several elements that email design includes:

✔ Subject lines and preheaders

Subject lines play a huge role in increasing open rates because they are the first thing email recipients see in their inboxes. Only by creating strong and hooking subject lines, it’s possible to convince them to open the email.

Preheaders also carry importance, as they give readers additional information about the message and support the subject lines.

✔ Visuals

Images, videos, gifs, and other visual elements are crucial for delivering messages as people more easily consume visual content.

✔ The copy

While true visual elements are a crucial part of email design, a copy also remains essential. Strong and crisp copy should communicate the values that the email campaign suggests.

✔ Call to Action

Like subject lines are vital for a high open rate, great CTAs will increase conversion rate. They encourage email leads to take action whether it makes a purchase or sign up for the webinar.

✔ The footer

Email footers share important contact information, the company’s address, or an unsubscribe link. Also, businesses can share social media links to grow their social media audience and increase awareness.

After discussing what elements typically email design includes, let’s explore its three main types:

Plain Text Email

A plain text email is a simple email message that only contains text copy and doesn’t include any visual parts.

Rich HTML Email Design

This type has a unique structure and includes images, videos, and special coloring and typically compares with a landing page.

Interactive Email Design

These emails contain interactive components that engage email leads and grab their attention without directing them to another browser window. Typically interactive emails include such elements as image carousels, embedded videos, and questionnaires.

Businesses that build perfect email designs can successfully increase brand awareness and recognition regardless of which type they choose. Also, they can improve email engagement, such as open and click-through rates. As a great outcome, businesses can increase their revenue as well, thanks to strategic and captivating email design.

How to make an outstanding email design in four ways

After discussing the importance of having a great design in the next step, we will suggest some steps that may help to build it.

Optimize for mobile

More, and more customers use their smartphones for business interaction. The survey indicated that 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Therefore, if the business doesn’t create compelling email designs for mobile devices, all its efforts will be in vain.

Fortunately, several tactics can be helpful in delivering a positive experience to mobile users.

✔ Pay attention to the length of the subject line

This stage will be beneficial to determine the best subject line length.

✔ Use bigger font sizes

Choosing bigger font sizes is vital to make it easier for email recipients to read the message.

✔ Keep your copy concise

Share only the most vital information and try to be as strict to the point as possible.

✔ Optimize the images

Including images in the email is a beneficial tactic, but it’s important to optimize them to ensure quick loading time and deliver a positive experience to mobile users.

✔ Test

Without testing, it will be impossible to see how different elements perform on smaller devices.

Include visual elements

Include visual elements

Today as people’s attention span becomes shorter, it’s a great idea to make email more attractive and captivating by including visuals. Those elements will help convey the message better than a written copy with long sentences.

Without dought sharing pictures, animated elements, and gifs are excellent ways to communicate information easier. Moreover, visuals can create emotional connection can build an emotional connection with email recipients and provide them with a memorable experience. Also, companies should consider using emojis but incorporate them in the message keeping in mind brand identity.

The general rule when including visuals is keeping the right balance and using gifs and images in the right places to highlight your message. Speaking about highlighting the messages, as video marketing is on the rise, businesses shouldn’t hesitate to share customer testimonials and other types of video content.

Pay attention to brand identity

Pay attention to brand identity

One of the most significant methods to set up in the crowded market is to have a unique and solid brand identity. And this is true for standing out from the inbox clutter, as email design should emphasize brand identity should be in harmony in every email.

Therefore, it’s a must to prepare and follow brand identity design guidelines when designing your emails. These policies will be helpful in keeping a consistent brand identity. Start researching your target audience and build guidelines that will address their demands and be your express brand’s identity and company mission.

In the next step when crafting email messages, it’s important to follow the brand tone and voice. It should be consistent with the voice that a business uses on other platforms like social media and websites. Also, when deciding which visual features to include, it’s crucial to incorporate the exact colors and fonts that companies use in your other digital marketing platforms.

Following these steps, companies can establish and maintain branding consistency and increase brand awareness. Also, this way, they can build trustful communication with email recipients.

Test and analyze email design

There is always room for improvement in building the best email design. Therefore, testing is crucial to discovering what part to be changed and which part performs better.

Testing and optimizing almost every detail of an email campaign is possible. It starts from subject lines and CTA to the images and even the tone of voice. In this matter, the beneficial idea is to do A/B testing, which analyzes two versions of different elements and gives the result of which one works best.

Conducting surveys is also a great way to gather feedback from your audience and improve your email marketing strategy.

By asking your subscribers about their email design preferences and experiences, you can gain valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. Use this feedback to optimize your email designs and make them more effective at standing out from the clutter in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Whether you embed a survey directly into your email or add a call-to-action in your email or article, don’t miss the opportunity to hear directly from your subscribers and improve your email marketing strategy. You can use the Survey Maker tool to achieve that.

Businesses can optimize email marketing efforts and make necessary changes by having this data on their hands. This way, they can create email designs that resonate with the target audience, and that can help to increase engagement.

To sum up

Businesses may dedicate effort to creating excellent and unique offers for email leads. But the question is how to ensure that his email stands out in people’s inbox, which is full of tones of messages. In this stage, email design plays a significant role.

In the article, we gave a few tips that can guide and help to create awesome email designs. Following these steps, businesses not only stand out from the inbox clutter but strengthen their email marketing strategies in different industries including for blockchain development.

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