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Automated emails

What is an automated email?

Automated emails are messages sent automatically, based on subscriber behavior or default settings, as well as on previous interaction with contacts. In most cases they are used for the sales process.

They are used to ensure that recipients receive the email at the right time, to encourage the conversion rate and to lead them through a conversion funnel. Automated emails are a fantastic tool for keeping subscribers engaged and segment your database, but it is essential to work with an email marketing platform such as Mailrelay.

1. Objectives of automated emails

It is very common to think that all automated emails are part of email marketing campaigns, but this is not always the case and email automation can be used for reaching several objectives, as in the case of:

– Welcome users to a new service. These are the most common emails, to thank customers or subscribers for trusting our company or product the first time they share their contact information. They are the engine of the relationship that begins and serve to consolidate it.

– Milestones. With these campaigns, a long-term customer relationship is fostered as the goal here is to show customers that we care about them. For instance, a birthday message could be sent using an automation email software.

– Customer maturation. These messages are a valuable way to establish and strengthen a relationship of trust with customers once they enter the sales funnel as potential customers and seek conversion (closing the sale).

– Promotional. The goal here is to close sales, so you could send message to old customers trying to convince them to act or to show the advantages of a product or service to new customers.

– Collecting feedback. Interacting and collecting customer feedback can help us to improve our internal processes. Using effective copywriting in an automated email puts us in a position to receive first-hand feedback from customers.

– Recover abandoned shopping carts. Abandoned shopping cart are a headache for ecommerce, this can be greatly mitigated by automating an email to offer more information and try to convince customers to return and complete the purchase.

– Incremental sales. The use of email allows you to offer existing customers promotions and upgrades, to get them to consider new purchases and increase the money they are spending on your products.

2. Advantages of automated emails

Without any doubt you should make use of automated emails in your digital marketing strategy and send email marketing campaigns. Here are some of the most relevant benefits it will bring you:

– Time and cost saving. If you automate emails, you can use the time saved for other tasks.

– Brand building. These emails will be a very important element to create a link between your potential clients and the company, since they position you as a reference in your sector.

– Loyalty. When you can work with automated emails, you can send more targeted messages, so your customers will feel valued and related to your brand, and this leads to loyalty.

– Improve engagement. With the automation of relevant content, your users will be more willing to participate in the proposals you offer them on a regular basis.