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B2C. What is B2C?

B2C, an acronym for Business to Consumer, is the business model that refers to the strategy applied by companies for selling goods and/or services to end consumers (customers). In other words, direct trade between a seller and the consumer of the product/service.

1. Internet and B2C

The Internet has revolutionized B2C to a great extent, and online commerce makes it possible for the producer to sell directly to the consumer, without the intervention of intermediaries, and is reducing B2B (Business to Business).

We can think for instance of farmers who, in addition to selling their fruits and vegetables in their local store, do it from their website using a payment gateway. Or artists who used to have to go to galleries and/or offline art exhibitions to sell their work, but now they only need a website to promote their work and find customers.

2. Advantages of B2C

The advantages of direct sales to the consumer are very varied, for a better understanding we are going to divide them into advantages for the customer/buyer and for the company/seller:

2.1. B2C for the customer

  • The purchasing process is very fast.
  • Prices are updated in real time.
  • Quick price comparison.
  • Many options with different prices and features.

2.2. For the company

  • A smaller infrastructure will reduce costs.
  • Better stock and inventory management.
  • Optimization of the sales process.
  • Short-term cost amortization.