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What is Google Ads? Types of ads in Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s advertising platform (formerly called Google AdWords) through which advertisers can show their ads to all those people who are searching for information using the Google search engine; it is also responsible for displaying ads on third-party websites, through Google AdSense.

It is one of the most used channels in digital marketing to attract new customers, gain visibility and improve SEO ranking.

1. How Google Ads works

Google Ads has a fairly simple operation, in essence it works based on the budget you decide to invest and the auctions of advertising spaces.

A daily budget is defined, which is spent to show your ads in an intelligent way, according to the parameters you have configured in the campaign.

Google Ads has 3 hierarchical levels at account level. These are: account, campaigns and ad groups.

2. Types of campaigns in Google Ads

Google Ads allows you to create advertising campaigns and choose the goal for each campaign. There are different types of campaigns: Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Smart, Discovery, Local and Application.

Search campaign.

Through the use of keywords and search terms, the ad appears as one more result among those shown by Google within the search results.

Display Campaign

These are graphic ads published on websites; the ad is displayed within a page with topics related to the product or service being promoted. The website owner generates income with the use of Google AdSense.

Video campaign

An evolution of the display campaigns, but in this case ads are shown in video format both on the websites themselves and on YouTube.

Shopping campaign

This option is used for businesses that will list their items within the platform and have them displayed as part of the results of a search.

Apps campaign

These are ads for apps (applications) that offer visibility within different platforms, like Youtube, Google Play and the Google display network.

Local campaign

As its name suggests, these are for businesses or companies with a market limited to a specific geographic area, where the advertising budget is focused on the local area and its surroundings.

Smart campaign

Through the use of machine learning, the ads will by displayed dynamically and automatically in practically any of the channels offered by Google.

3. The Google Ads bidding system

Google Ads determines the ads that will be shown through an ad auction that takes place every time someone does a search on Google or visits a website that has enabled the scripts created by Google to display ads.

There are three factors that are used to determine which ads will be displayed first and in what order: bidding, ad quality and also the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.

  • Bidding system. The maximum amount of money the advertiser is willing to pay for a click on the ad.
  • Ad quality: Google examines the relevance and usefulness of the ad, and the website to which the person who clicks on the ad will be redirected.
  • Expected impact of extensions and other ad formats: when ads are created, additional information can be added to them (phone number, links, etc.) such elements are the “ad extensions” that help to get more relevance to win the auction.