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Pure players

What are pure players?

Pure players are companies that only offer products or services online.

They are called pure, because they are only selling online, through a virtual shop or on social media. In other words, they don’t need to have a physical store to attract customers.

Pure players are a type of ecommerce or online store, which has a growing presence in multiple sectors. At the moment, it is not possible to create a pure player business model in many setors, but this is changing a lot, as more and more companies are looking for new options for selling online.

1. Advantages of pure players

Pure players, compared to traditional sales businesses that distribute their products in physical stores, have a series of competitive advantages. Among them, we can find:

  • You would need less investment to create a new business. One of the most important facts is that pure players don’t need a phisical space to receive customers and display their products, they advertise online and create email marketing campaigns to give visibility to their products.

    It is likely that they need a place to store their merchandise, but the costs of a warehouse are reduced compared to commercial spaces for receiving customers.

  • They have a single sales model. As they are only selling online, it is easier and cheaper to deliver the products, since they can hire a transport company to manage and deliver the products to their customers.
  • Every person with Internet connection is a potential customer. Anyone with a device connected to the Internet is likely to become a customer of pure players, since the purchase is made directly and, generally, the product can be sent to any part of the planet.
  • It is possible to display a targeted list of products to different customers. Through social media and investment in online advertising, they are able to reach their buyer persona more effectively and this allows them to grow faster, since they impact a previously segmented public.
  • They can react faster. In case of a change in the market, they just have to adapt their website and their product offer to cover a new market niche or start selling products that their customers have searched for and had not found.
  • They can offer very competitive prices. Having a low-cost infrastructure allows them to run very aggressive specific campaigns and even maintain various products in their catalog at very low prices for long periods of time.