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Rich media

What is rich media? rich media formats

Rich media is a term used to refer to ads that are not the typical static banners with fixed text and images, so the goal is to capture visitor’s attention, as well as encourage user interaction.

For this purpose, videos, animations, audios and, in short, dynamic elements that contribute to improve the effectiveness of the ads are used.

1. Advantages of rich media

Rich media ads offer multiple advantages over conventional campaigns. These include:

  • They are more attractive, which don’t go unnoticed by users.
  • They generate more interaction when compared to static ads.
  • They improve the conversion rate of campaigns.
  • They offer a better user experience (UX).
  • They allow the advertiser to obtain a large amount of information on user behavior.
  • They enhance brand awareness (branding).
  • Rich media has a playful component that puts us at the top of mind of the user.

2. Types of rich media ads

There are different types of rich media ads, but among the various formats, we can list:

  • Banner. These are the ads that generally are displayed at the top of the website, as well as on the sides. They are the most common ads, with fixed predefined sizes and are the most used.
  • Interstitial. They are full screen and appear over the content when the user changes to another page.
  • Expandable. These are ads that are activated automatically when the user interacts with them, responding to a click or the mouse cursor hovers over the ad.
  • Push-down. These are expandable ads that move the content of the website where they are displayed to the bottom when they expand, removing the website from the visitor’s view to display the ad.
  • Video slider (small sticky player). These are ads that are displayed at the bottom of the screen, as a footer, and remain in that position during the visit.
  • VPAID. VPAID ads are displayed in the in-stream video player itself (such as the YouTube player) and are usually video content.
  • Dynamic creatives. These are banners, expandables, interstitials, etc. that behave dynamically. This means that they are displayed in one way or another, changing their content and creativity on the fly, to better adapt to different visitors (according to their profile).