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Sales: The central pillar of the business world

When we hear the word “sale“, many of us think immediately about the act of exchanging goods or services for money.

But in the world of marketing and business, this term goes far beyond.

What is a sale?

A sale is the process by which a seller offers a product or service to a buyer in exchange for something, generally for monetary compensation.

It is the final link between a product and its consumer and the ultimate goal of any business strategy.

Types of sale

We can distinguish various types of sales based on the methods used, or the actors involved, for example:

  • Direct Sale: This is when the product or service is offered directly to the end consumer, removing intermediaries. Door -to -door sales and home demonstrations are classic examples.
  • Indirect Sales: In this mode there are intermediaries such as distributors, wholesalers or retailers who facilitate the delivery of products.
  • Online Sales: Transactions are completed through digital platforms, online stores or applications.
  • Business to Business (B2B): These are transactions between companies, such as when one company sells materials for production to another.
  • B2C (Business to Consumer) sales: companies sell directly to the end consumer.

Importance of sales in the marketing world

The sales process is the culmination of all marketing strategies and efforts.

It is the final moment where all research, advertising, promotions and price strategies materialize in revenues for the company.

Through digital marketing, sales strategies are not just focusing on the transaction.

They also try to create a complete customer experience that will foster loyalty and turn them into brand promoters.

Important Related Terms

  • Sales Process: It is the series of steps that a seller follows to finish a sale, from identifying an opportunity to closing sales and after sales service.
  • Sales Funnel: Graphic Representation of the Customer Journey from the moment they discover a product or service until the purchasing process is completed.
  • Seller: Individual that applies sales techniques. It can be a commercial representative, consultant, advisor, among others.
  • Potential customer or lead: individual or company that showed interest in a product or service and could become a customer.
  • Sale closure: time when the sale is finalized and the customer decides to purchase the product or service.

Sales and Email Marketing

Email marketing has revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers and potential consumers.

This tool not only allows you to reach your target audience, but also plays a crucial role in the sales process.

By segmenting and customizing messages, companies can guide the user through the sales funnel, from initial recognition to the final purchase decision.


A sale is much more than a simple exchange.

Without sales there are no business, jobs or innovations.

As the world advances and changes, the art and science of selling also evolves.

As marketing professionals or simply as informed consumers, it is essential to understand and appreciate the depth and complexity behind this seemingly simple term.