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Sales funnel

What is a sales funnel or conversion funnel?

The sales funnel or conversion funnel is all the stages through which a user passes, since making the first contact with us or our services, until they become a customer.

1. User stages through the sales funnel

These stages are the natural process that a user will go through, since they become aware of their need, until they decide to satisfy it:

The discovery

At this stage, the Buyer Persona will discover a new need or problem that they were not aware of; This need may arise from a daily situation or after receiving our email marketing campaigns.


Arrived at this point, the user already recognize their need and identify the problem; At this time, they will not be interested in a specific brand, but in products or services that could solve the problem. It is advisable to provi de valuable content so that your customers will remember you.

The decision

Once they have researched and are informed, users will be ready to purchase. It is the moment to send our proposals to solve their needs and create a sales opportunity.

2. Stages of the email marketing sales funnel

Applying the sales funnel to email marketing, three phases or stages can be identified, for each of them, it is advisable to send a different type of content.

TOFU (Top of the funnel)

This discovery phase requires, since the audience is in the initial phase of the funnel, that you test by sending varied content, always related to your business; so you should offer value and aim to cover various needs.

MOFU (Middle of the funnel)

Once we move on to the research phase, our subscribers will show a more concrete interest and want to solve a specific need. Therefore, you have to send them emails with a more targeted content and focused on loyalty.

BOFU (Bottom of the funnel)

In the last stages, during the decision phase, we have to send pure and simple sales emails. Whenever possible with personalized offers and, where appropriate, loyalty discounts.